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Optium d.o.o. Becomes Optics Trade d.o.o.

What comes to mind when hearing the names Apple, Amazon, Facebook, BMW, or Coca-Cola? More importantly, how do you feel? The bottom line is: names matter, and here is the story of how the company Optium d.o.o. was renamed Optics Trade d.o.o.

Our story began in 2011 when the name Optium d.o.o. was picked since the legislation for companies at the time was such that they could only have Slovenian names. However, this name resulted in some confusing, as well as amusing anecdotes, as the company was named Optium d.o.o., but the name of our store was Optics Trade from the very beginning.


It was a busy 8 years for Optium d.o.o., as we moved our offices three times from 2011 until 2019 because we kept growing and our team expanding. As our platform capacities quickly grew, our client base grew with it, and we began participating with clients from several different countries speaking several different languages.

This is when it became obvious that we needed to change our name to English, in order to be more global friendly and to reduce the number of anecdotes about the confusion around our company’s name. However, we always acknowledged the fact that we will relocate anew, hence we never changed the company’s information, not even when the legislation allowed English names in 2016.

Optics Trade team

Fast forward a few years, we relocated our offices into a new building in 2020, where we intend on staying for a longer time. If a company is to flourish, it needs to grow and adjust at least as quickly as its environment.

In 2020, we changed our name to Optics Trade d.o.o. so it matches the name of our recognizable trademark and results in less confusion among our customers. Overall, principles, like names, matter. Our name, Optics Trade d.o.o., represents our company and our trademark. We may have changed our name, but our principles remain the same.

Optium d.o.o. Becomes Optics Trade d.o.o.
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Optium d.o.o. Becomes Optics Trade d.o.o.
In 2020, Optium d.o.o. was renamed Optics Trade d.o.o. so it matches the name of our recognizable trademark and results in less confusion.
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Optics Trade Blog
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