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Is Optics Trade Legitimate?

Online scams are, by ill hap, an inevitable aspect of the world we live in. Many rely on the internet to commit their crimes so naturally, the question of whether our company is legitimate or not arises every now and then. Lately, more and more questions about Optics Trade being genuine have been popping up. We cannot hold you accountable for your doubt, as you are unaware of all that is happening behind the scenes, but we can try to show you as much as possible to prove that Optics Trade is a trustworthy company.

Website Contact Information

Come rain or shine, there will always be a risk that your personal information will be exploited by an unscrupulous business. However, there are some red flags to keep an eye on. The main, and the most obvious one would be the website’s contact information – so you know who to contact if things go south.

Is Optics Trade Legitimate?
Is Optics Trade Legitimate?

If you scroll to the bottom of our website, you can find a ‘Contact us’ section on the right, including our phone number, branded e-mail address, Skype contact, as well as the ‘Meet the team’ section where you can find out more about our colleagues and see what they look like. We also have a YouTube channel, where you can see the faces and hear the voices behind the Optics Trade website.

Website Domain

If you take a look at our website domain:, you can see that it begins with an ‘HTTPS’ and not ‘HTTP’. The ‘s’ in the abbreviation stands for ‘secure’, which means that our website has an SSL certificate that verifies that the traffic between you and the website is encrypted – it is safer.

Is Optics Trade Legitimate?
Is Optics Trade Legitimate?

Policy Page

Take your time to carefully read through our policy pages, which can also be found at the bottom right of our website. The terms of use, privacy policy, return policy, and warranty policy sections were cautiously written for this exact purpose – if you are on a website that lacks them, write the company’s name in your little black book of scams.

Payment Methods

It is vital for a company to include payment methods that allow customers to get their money back if things go sour and do not require the release of unnecessary personal information. Our many payment methods provide you with the option of choosing the one that feels the safest and the one you are most familiar with, including:

  • Cash on Delivery

  • Money Transfer (via Proforma invoice)

  • Credit Cards

  • Payment by instalments (American Express or Dinners)

  • PayPal

  • Credit Cards over PayPal

Is Optics Trade Legitimate?
Is Optics Trade Legitimate?

Registration Data

One of the ways of verifying if a company is legitimate is also by checking when the website domain was registered. Yes, a company can be fairly new, but if it appears to be sketchy and it was registered 3 months ago, take it with a grain of salt. If you go on: and enter our website domain, you can see ours was registered in 2010.

Customer Reviews

Optics Trade’s motto revolves around our customers and your satisfaction, and we believe that the number of bad reviews can be very telling for a business. Although it is possible to manipulate a positive online presence, bad feedback is more difficult to hide. Try the search term: “Optics Trade scam” and see if results turn up that way. You can check our reviews on:

and become familiar with how our customers are satisfied with us, which issues they have encountered, and how we came to solve them.

Is Optics Trade Legitimate?
Is Optics Trade Legitimate?

A Safe Space to Shop

Getting scammed on the internet is becoming commonplace – but we are one of the exceptions. Nevertheless, a company can be legitimate, but not reputable in its dealings with customers. Optics Trade helps you decide and takes makes sure that our website is a safe space for you. It should not be your responsibility to take extra precautions before shopping with us.




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