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Shipping Time Vs. Delivery Time

Cambridge dictionary defines the term ‘delivery time’ as “the amount of time that it takes for goods that have been bought to arrive at the place where they are wanted”. The term ‘shipping time’ cannot be found. Nevertheless, this does not mean they are the same.

As far as shipping and delivery time goes, some think they are used interchangeably. But this is not the case. Before you assume your package got lost because you thought shipping and delivery time are synonymous and give the online store a bad review topped with 1 star, here is the difference:

Shipping Time

Delivery Time

The date when the supplier gives the product to the carrier – the precise date that the order is sent off from the warehouse/store.

The date when the package should arrive at the customer’s doorstep, from the carrier to the buyer. This might vary depending on the distance needed to get from the warehouse/store to the buyer.

Shipping time, delivery time, estimated delivery time, perhaps delivery time, your-package-got-lost-at-the-post-office-time – time can be confusing to think about. And as online shopping grows more popular, the difference between shipping and delivery grows more important.

Shipping Time Vs. Delivery Time
Shipping Time Vs. Delivery Time



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