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Noblex N4 Vario


Noblex introduced plenty of changes at IWA 2018. They changed the name of their products from Docter to Noblex and thus had to rename their models. Their famous V6 was renamed to N6. They added ED glass to some of the models, naming the series N6 ED. They introduced the N5 series which is sure to be a hit because of its price/performance ratio. Even though I have enumerated quite a few changes, it does not stop here. Noblex also introduced the N4 vario series which are going to be a centerpiece of this short review.

Noblex N4 Vario
Noblex N4 Vario


Noblex N4 vario is an upgrade of the Basic series with a few improvements. The illumination is no longer regulated by turning the knob a little and holding it in place. Now, the N4 vario series features a rotating knob. This results in better control of the illumination.

Another difference from the Basic series is in the size of the illuminated dot. The N4 vario series riflescopes have a smaller, finer dot. Furthermore, the light transmission rate has been improved, which is why N4 vario will perform a little better in twilight than the Basic series.

For now, there are two models available as regards the magnification range: 2.5–10×50 and 3–12×56. Both can be mounted with rings but can also be purchased with a ZM/VM rail underneath, something that was not possible with the Basic series.


The prices will be somewhere around 150–200 € higher than the prices of the Basic models. Currently, only one reticle is available: 4-0.



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