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Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device


Leica is a premium manufacturer of high-quality hunting optics such as rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, and so on. For the first time in history, Leica has announced the production of optics for observing night life in complete darkness – and they started with style.

At IWA Outdoor Classics 2020 which was postponed to September, Leica wanted to introduce 2 new thermal devices for hunting – Leica Calonox.

Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device
Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device

Leica Calonox

The Leica Calonox series comprises two devices, designed primarily for hunting applications – Leica “View” and Leica “Sight”. As the name tells us, each device is designed for a different purpose.

The Leica “View” is a monocular that serves for observation, and because of that, it features a 2.5x starting magnification.

Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device
Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device

The Leica “Sight”, on the other hand, is from ground up designed as a clip-on device, which can be mounted in front of a daytime rifle scope. It features a 1x magnification for a wide field of view.

Both devices have the same housing, except for the rear part. The objective lens on both devices measures 42 mm in diameter, and the Leica “View” features a high-resolution sensor with 640×480 pixels. In combination with the OLED display with 1024×768 pixels, the user can experience high-contrast images with great details.

Both devices have an integrated rechargeable battery, with which the device can run up to 6 hours continuously. If this is not enough, the device can be connected to an external power bank. The weight of these devices is 500 grams.


The Leica Calonox devices boast a premium look like all other products from Leica. We are sure the image will be excellent, and can´t wait to test them out. Both products should be available on the market in the late summer, and the price will be approximately 4000 EUR.

Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device
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Leica Calonox Thermal imaging device
Leica, a premium manufacturer of hunting optics, introduced their first thermal imaging device named Leica Calonox. Available as a Clip-on and monocular.
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Optics Info
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