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INNOmount novelties 2018

INNOmount novelties 2018

INNOmount came up with some interesting mounting solutions this year. The most notable novelty is the bridge pivot mount designed for Pulsar Digisight, Apex, Trail, Yukon Photon XT, ATN X-sight, Dedal devices etc. that can be mounted on MAK or Recknagel bases. With an appropriate attachment (also offered by INNOmount), it can be mounted on bases by EAW as well.

Up to now, there have been no dedicated mounts for NV/thermal devices that could be fixed on pivot bases on the market. For those who purchased Pulsar Apex, Trail, Yukon Photon, ATN X-sight etc. and already had pivot mount bases on their rifle, mounting was a nightmare – the new mounting solution by INNOmount is here to put a stop to that. The demand for the NV/thermal devices is very high and still on the rise, which is why we believe that the mount will be sold in great numbers. For pivot bases by Recknagel and MAK, INNOmount came up with a unique locking system. You can immediately tell that the design is theirs – it looks great and does not feature a rotating nut for tightening as is the case with Recknagel and MAK pivot mounts. Instead, the mount is fixed onto the bases with levers (typical for INNOmount).

The mounts are made from a high quality, single-piece aluminum – they are lightweight but firm and reliable. The contact parts, located at the bottom of the product, are made of steel.



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