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Holosun 503G Footprint

Holosun 503G features the Aimpoint Micro mounting standard.

Dimensions of the Holosun 503G footprint

All the distances are in millimeters.
Holosun 503G Footprint
Holosun 503G Footprint

Looking for suitable mounting solutions?

Aimpoint Micro standard

A photo of the Holosun 503G footprint

Holosun 503G Footprint
Holosun 503G Footprint
Holosun 503G Footprint

Red dot sights that share the Aimpoint Micro mounting standard

Red DotProductDetails
Actus Core-1 1x20
Actus Core-2 1x20
Aimpoint CompM5
Aimpoint CompM5b
Aimpoint CompM5s
Aimpoint Duty RDS
Aimpoint Micro H-1
Aimpoint Micro H-2
Aimpoint Micro T-1
Aimpoint Micro T-2
Athlon Midas TSR2
Blaser RD 17
Burris Fastfire RD
Bushnell TRS-125
DI Optical SP1
Holosun 403B
Holosun 403C
Holosun 403GL
Holosun 403R
Holosun 503BU
Holosun 503C
Holosun 503CU
Holosun 503FL
Holosun 503G
Holosun 503GU
Holosun 503R
Holosun 515C
Holosun 515CM
Holosun 515CT
Holosun 515GM
Holosun 515GT
Holosun 530C
Holosun 530G
Kahles Helia RD-C
MAKdot S 1x20
Minox RV1
Primary Arms SLX Advanced Rotary Knob
Primary Arms SLX MD-20
Sig Sauer Romeo4
Sig Sauer Romeo4S 1x20
Sig Sauer Romeo5
Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR
Sightmark Element Mini Solar
Sightmark Wolverine 1x23 CSR
Sightmark Wolverine 1x28 FSR
Swampfox Liberator 1x22
Vector Optics Centurion 1x20
Vector Optics Maverick 1x22
Vector Optics Maverick 1x22 Gen II
Vector Optics Scrapper 1x22
Vector Optics Scrapper 1x25
Vortex Crossfire
Vortex Sparc AR
Vortex Sparc Solar
ZeroTech Thrive

Click here to find out more about the Aimpoint Micro mounting standard.
Holosun 503G Footprint
Article Name
Holosun 503G Footprint
Holosun 503G features the Aimpoint Micro mounting standard. Here, you can see the dimensions and the photo of the footprint.
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Optics Trade
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  • My 503 g does fit with only 2 holes. Not all 4 line up with the aimpoint t1 t2 mounts. Is that right or is mine just weird. I keep reading they are the same but not all 4 holes. It will fit with 2 screws but saying it the same footprint and fits leaves a little to be explained.

    • All 4 screw holes on the dot’s mounting surface should align with the holes on the mount. Did you compare the photo of the footprint in this article with the footprint of your 503G – are the holes in the exact same place? If not, it might be a factory defect.

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