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DOCTER Technologies

DOCTERmultitop Multi-coating

DOCTER multitop broadband coating provides you with very true-to-life images and brilliant contrast. It also helps to increase the light transmission rate and has an anti-reflective ability. Many layers of this coating doesn’t only help to make images brighter, rich in contrast, but also eliminates losses due to surface reflections. They reduce ghost imaging and glint coming off the lenses. Reduced glare and outstanding resolution that are the result of multitop broadband coating technology are applied to glass surfaces of DOCTER sports optics.

Docter Multitop coating
Docter Multitop coating

DOCTERmulticlean Coating

Another very innovative DOCTER technology is DOCTERmulticlean coating (Dmcl) applied on outer lenses of objective and eyepiece lenses. This technology repels water and other moisture and solid particles. Dmcl coating prolongs the life of DOCTER sports optics due to its hydrophobic feature. It helps you not to wipe lenses too much when facing harsh weather, providing scratch-resistant ability.

Docter Multiclean coating
Docter Multiclean coating

Docter Open-Hinge Design

New DOCTER models – ED series and 8×56 ED/OH feature very functional ergonomics. Open bridge design connects both barrels at two places – duel-hinge. This setting improves portability since the big gap between hinges lets you to easily wrap around your hand. You can easily hold DOCTER binoculars with one hand and make focus adjustments without much fatiguing. Comfortable handling also helps with durability of binoculars since it provides well balanced and non-slip grip.



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