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DNZ Mounts


DNZ is a family owned and operated company from the United States which specializes in the field of mounts and various attractive shooting accessories. All their products contain a patent number and a label which says ‘made in the USA’. The company manufactures two-piece and one-piece fixed and quick-release mounts. DNZ mounts are split into three main series – Game Reaper, Freedom Reaper, and Hunt Masters. Their mounts are designed for riflescopes with 1 inch (25.4 mm), 30 mm and 34 mm tube diameter. With DNZ mounts, an individual can choose between different colors such as Black, Silver and APG Camo. Every series will be detailed in the continuation of this recension.

DNZ Mounts - Game Reaper
DNZ Mounts – Game Reaper


Game Reaper

Game Reaper mounts are machined from a solid block of top-grade aluminum tempered 6061T6 billet. So far, DNZ released Game Reaper mounts strictly in a one-piece, fixed version. The overall design is elegant and appealing. From our experience, one of the best characteristics of these products is the availability for many rifles and a distinguished lightweight construction. With Game Reaper, DNZ achieved the effect which many European mount manufacturers perhaps still lack. These products are made for assorted American hunting rifles (Kimber, Marlin, Ruger, Savage, etc.) which are hardly common in certain regions of Europe.

DNZ Mounts - Game Reaper
DNZ Mounts – Game Reaper

Freedom Reaper

Freedom Reaper mounts are also machined from a solid block of top-grade aluminum tempered 6061T6 billet. Presently, these products are available in quick-release two-piece and one-piece types. Freedom Reaper products are designed for tactical (AR) rifles which usually feature a Picatinny rail on the receiver for the purpose of mounting. There is a possibility of installing a side Picatinny or Weaver interface on the mount for the purpose of mounting a red dot sight, flashlight or any other accessory which features a mount for a Picatinny rail.

DNZ Mounts - Freedom Reaper
DNZ Mounts – Freedom Reaper

Hunt Masters

Hunt Masters are designed as a two-piece mount in a fixed version. They stand as one of the most lightweight two-piece mounts on the market with a weight of 55 to 85 g (depending on the model of the rifle). These mounts are machined from a solid block of top-grade aluminum tempered 6061T6 billet. Hunt Masters are made for several American rifles (Barrett Fieldcraft, Marlin, Savage, Thompson Center, etc.) which are atypical in the European domain. These mounts fit rifles with short, super short and long actions (depending on the rifle). DNZ fabricates Hunt Masters for left and right-handed users.

DNZ Mounts - Hunt Masters
DNZ Mounts – Hunt Masters


Assuredly, DNZ mounts offer several captivating features such as an option to order a mount for both left and right-hand users. Every shooter out there strives to carry as least weight as possible when going out, which makes DNZ mounts a sizeable start towards such a purpose. A price range of DNZ products is from around 70 – 300 €.

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