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Yukon Jaeger Riflescopes


The Belarussian company Yukon is known for its quality night vision & thermal imaging devices that offer plenty of features for the price. For a while now, their Jaeger riflescopes have been steadily gaining in popularity among hunters, mainly because of the affordable price tag. There are following models in the series:

Yukon Jaeger 3-12x56
Yukon Jaeger 3-12×56

The features of Yukon Jaeger riflescopes

These riflescopes are made in Belarus. Yukon claims that they can handle up to 7000 joules of energy, which basically means that they can be mounted on a rifle chambered in .375 H & H or 9,3×62. This is an outstanding piece of information considering these riflescopes cost around 500 €. The reticle is in the second focal plane – the reticle does not increase or reduce in size with the change of magnification, resulting in minimal coverage of the target. The tube measures 30 mm in diameter so you will not have trouble finding a mounting solution. The models 1–4×24, 1,5–6×42, and 3–12×56 boast a 4x zoom factor (the image seen at the lowest magnification can be magnified four times). The remaining one, 3–9×40, has a traditional magnification range with a 3x zoom factor. The series is IPX7 certified, meaning that we can submerge them up to 1 meter of depth for 30 minutes without them sustaining any damage. The turrets are of the hunting type, capped. They produce crisp clicks and can be easily reset to zero – the user has to pull the turret out, rotate it so that the number ‘0’ is aligned with the line under the turret, and push the turret back. The Jaeger series is filled with dry nitrogen, so you will not have to deal with the annoying internal condensation once the temperature drops below zero. Clicks are ¼ MOA; one click moves the POI for approx.. 0.7 cm at 100 m. 1–4×24 is an exception as it features ½* MOA clicks. (one click moves the POI for approx.. 1.5 cm at 100m).

Yukon Jaeger 1-4x24
Yukon Jaeger 1-4×24

*American, Japanese and many other riflescopes are often equipped with turrets that have clicks in MOA (Minute Of Angle). 1 MOA equals around 2.9 cm at a target 100 m away.

Yukon Jaeger riflescopes are equipped with a fine, illuminated central dot (1.5 cm at 100 m). There are several intensity levels. 1–4×24, a riflescope mainly designed for driven hunts, has one main disadvantage – the illuminated dot is not daytime bright. One has to consider, though, that this is a riflescope that costs less than 500 €. All the other Jaeger riflescopes can easily compete against riflescopes priced up to 1000 €. They might not offer daytime-bright illumination, but it is more than suitable for twilight use. As these riflescopes can be paired with a night vision device, there is a ‘NV’ setting on the illumination knob. There is an off setting between each level of illumination, which is excellent as the shooter can quickly turn off the illumination without having to turn the knob all the way. The field of view is wide, and there is no tunnel vision at any of the magnifications. The central and edge sharpness is excellent for this price class. Yukon Jaeger 1–4×24 can be comfortably used with both eyes open at 1x magnification.

Yukon Jaeger 1.5-6x42
Yukon Jaeger 1.5-6×42


To sum up, the Jaeger riflescopes made by Yukon are currently among the best in the price class around 500 €. They boast a wide field of view, great edge sharpness, and a finely adjustable illuminated central dot suitable for use in the dusk. They are extremely durable and can withstand strong recoil. Yukon provides a 10-year warranty and will repair the riflescope even after the expiry of this period. The repair service is in Lithuania, EU.

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Yukon Jaeger Riflescopes
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Yukon Jaeger Riflescopes
Yukon claims that they can handle up to 7000 joules of energy, which basically means that they can be mounted on a rifle chambered in .375 H & H or 9,3x62.
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