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Shot Show 2019 Novelties


Shot Show is an annual tradeshow, where all major companies that deal with hunting, shooting and outdoors exhibit their newest products. Among the 525 stands, there were many new and exciting things introduced. In order to name a few, we have collected them in this blog post.


In the field of riflescopes, this year was all about the standard riflescopes. Many brands expanded their existing series with new models, such as Zeiss with V4 series and Leupold with Mark 5HD series. Primary Arms categorized their riflescopes in four different tiers and Meopta introduced a breakthrough Dichroic Reticle Technology, which ensures the optimal visibility based on the ambient light – the reticle turns bright red in daylight but might turn green in a dusky environment.

Riflescopes at Show Show 2019

Primary Arms PLx, GLx, SLx, and CLx riflescopes

Meopta Optika 6 riflescopes

Meopta’s new Dichroic Reticle Technology

Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12×44 and 4-16×50

Zero Compromise Optic 4-20×50 and 5-27×56

Burris XTR 3 rifle scopes 3.3-18×50 and 5.5-30×56

Kahles K318i – new configurations

Hawke Frontier riflescopes

Hawke Airmax Compact 30 SF

Sightron S-Tac 4-20×50 FFP

Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 1-6×24 and Athlon Midas BTR Gen. 2 4.5-27×50

Schmidt & Bender Exos 3-21×50

Nikon BLACK FORCE100 1-6×24 and PROSTAFF 1000i riflescopes

Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 SFP and new MIL-XT reticle

Sightmark Citadel 1–10×24 CR1

Leupold Mark 5 HD 7-35×56

Sig Sauer Tango6 1-6×24

Newly introduced binoculars

This year, there weren’t as many innovations in this field as was the case in some of the previous years. The trend of laser rangefinding binoculars nevertheless continues. Leupold introduced RBX-3000 laser rangefinding binoculars, which are – interestingly – made in the Czech Republic and Vortex upgraded their famous LRF binoculars Fury to Fury 5000. There were also some novelties in the field of standard binoculars – Sightron introduced two new series and we were finally able to see the beautiful Swarovski Nomad binoculars in person.

Binoculars at Show Show 2019

Vortex Fury 5000 LRF binoculars

Vanguard VESTA binoculars

Steiner BluHorizons & Predator AF binoculars

Sightron SII Blue Sky 8×42 and 10×42 HD

Meopta Optika HD Binoculars

Leupold RBX-3000

Laser Rangefinders

Once again, Leica pushed forward with their Rangemaster series of laser rangefinders and introduced a new model 2800.COM which you can connect it to an app on your phone.

Laser rangefinders at Shot Show 2019

Leica Rangemaster 2800.COM

Hawke Endurance

Red Dot Sights

This year, Aimpoint stole the spotlight in the field of red dot sights. They brought out an enclosed, compact reflex red dot sight for handgun users called Acro P-1. Kahles also took a leap into the world of red dot sights with their Helia red dot.

Red Dot Sights at Shot Show 2019

Aimpoint Acro P-1

Kahles Helia RD

Shield SIS2

Holosun HE508T and HE509T Titanium

Holosun “R” Red Dot Models (HS403R, HE403R, HS503R & HE503R)

Holosun Gold reticle

Hawke Vantage

Aimpoint CompM5s

Meprolight Mepro Foresight

Leupold Freedom red dot sight

Sig Sauer Romeo8

Thermal Optics

As regards night vision and thermal optics, more and more companies are diving into these waters. Those that are already well-positioned in this field constantly upgrade their products to be on track with the latest available technologies. Pulsar, for example, is one of such companies – each year, they push forward, striving to be in front of everyone else. This year, they introduced Axion and Thermion.

Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar Axion Thermal Monocular

New ATN BinoX 4T thermal binoculars

Bering Optics PRODIGY Mini Thermal Monocular

Bering Optics HOGSTER™ Thermal Clip-On Attachment

FLIR Scion OTM Thermal Monocular

ATN BinoX 4K night vision binoculars

Leupold LTO Tracker 2 HD

Spotting Scopes

In the field of spotting scopes, fewer novelties were introduced – Vanguard launched a new series called Vesta and Athlon premiered a new tactical spotting scope with a variable magnification.

Spotting Scopes at Shot Show 2019

Athlon Cronus Tactical 7-42×60 ED spotting scope

Vanguard Vesta Spotting Scopes 

Mounts & Accessories

There were also some novelties introduced in the field of mounts and accessories. Read more about each one of them in the links below.

Mounts & Accessories at Shot Show 2019

Vortex Pro Series Mounts

Warne Skyline™ Precision Mount

Warne Skyline™ Precision Bipod


If you want to know the overall novelties from each brand, here’s a list:

Brands at Shot Show 2019

Pulsar novelties

Zero Compromise novelties

Zeiss novelties

Burris novelties

Hawke novelties

Aimpoint Shot Show 2019

Leica novelties

Kahles Shot Show 2019

Swarovski Shot Show 2019

Meopta novelties

FLIR Novelties

Athlon Optics Shot Show 2019

Schmidt & Bender novelties

Sightron novelties

Steiner novelties

Vanguard novelties

Talley novelties

Holosun novelties

Vortex novelties

Nightforce novelties

Meprolight novelties

ATN novelties

Sightmark novelties

Talley novelties



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