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Recknagel mounts at IWA 2019

Recknagel is a German manufacturer of high-quality rifle scope mounts, rifle accessories, and silencers. Their products are designed for hunters, military, and law enforcement. At IWA Outdoor Classics 2019, Recknagel presented a few new products that will surely be very popular among hunters.

Recknagel mount for Pulsar APEX, Pulsar Trail and Pulsar Digisight (IWA 2019)

Since Pulsar is drastically gaining on popularity, Recknagel made a new pivot mount for Apex, Trail, and Digisight devices. The mount has a rotary locking system and 5 holes at the top to mount your Pulsar device on the right position.

Recknagel mount for Yukon Photon and ATN X-Sight 4K (IWA 2019)

Recknagel presented a new pivot mount for the well-known Yukon Photon night vision rifle scope and the ATN X-Sight 4K day/night digital rifle scope. It has 30-millimeter rings, so the mount clamps the tube scope directly on the main body. The height of the mount for ATN X-Sight is 32 millimeters and 40 millimeters for the Yukon Photon.

Recknagel Picatinny rail for the CZ 550/557 with an extension for night vision devices IWA 2019

They’ve also presented a new Picatinny rail for CZ550/557 Medium. This rail was specifically designed for mounting of night vision devices. It is extended backward for 70 millimeters, and the entire length is 199 millimeters. The height of the rail is only 12 millimeters, and it is entirely made of aluminum which is hard anodized.

The last novelty from Recknagel are their new Picatinny rails for Mauser M18, Sauer 101 and Browning X-Bolt. The user can choose from aluminum and steel versions, except for the one for Browning X-Bolt which is made from aluminum only.



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