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Liemke thermal optics (IWA 2019)


Liemke is a German manufacturer, specialized in thermal imaging devices for hunting, building security, monitoring, and car applications. These products are in use also by the military, which defines that the quality is at the highest standard. At IWA Outdoors Classics 2019, I visited their booth to get a quick view of their new products.

Liemke Keiler-19 PRO at IWA 2019
Liemke Keiler-19 PRO at IWA 2019

Liemke Keiler-PRO

Liemke introduced 4 new ˝KEILER-PRO˝ thermal monoculars which differ in the objective lens diameter, sensor resolution, display resolution, and some other specifications. The new models of the KEILER-PRO family are KEILER-13 PRO, KEILER-18 PRO, KEILER-26 PRO, and KEILER-35 PRO. If you are interested in one of their monoculars, you can read a more detailed review here.

Liemke Bussard

Liemke presented a new BUSSARD-42 thermal monocular/binocular which is designed for a detailed observation on longer distances. This new Bussard features a big 42-millimeter objective lens and has an optical zoom of 3.2x. This zoom can also be magnified with the digital zoom with maximal 8x. It has a big field of view of 18 meters at 100 meters and weighs 790 grams. The operating time with 4 AA batteries is 6 hours, and this device can detect warm objects up to 2100 meters. The price of The Liemke Bussard-42 is 8.998 €.

Liemke Sperber at IWA 2019
Liemke Sperber at IWA 2019

Liemke Sperber

And the last novelty from Liemke are 2 new SPERBER scopes. They were developed for use as multi-functional scopes because you can use it as a monocular for observation or mount it directly on your weapon as an aiming device. The two models have a 25- or 35-millimeter objective lens diameter, and both feature a VOx Ceramic sensor for detection. The sensor has a resolution of 384×288 pixels and the display with 1280 x 960 pixels. They both have a wide field of view with 26 meters (Sperber-25) or 19 meters (Sperber-35) on 100 meters. The detection range is up to 1235 meters, and the price for the Sperber-25 is 2.78 5€ and 3.125 € for the Sperber-35.

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