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Leica Tempus ASPH

Introduction of Leica Tempus ASPH

We were thrilled when we found out that Leica is going to introduce its brand new first-ever red dot sight at IWA 2018 in Nuremberg. Leica’s products are known for their quality and having a unique look, which is why we were sure that Tempus ASPH, as they named it, wouldn’t be any different. Read on for a short overview of this Leica’s Tempus compact reflex sight.

Leica Tempus ASPH
Leica Tempus ASPH

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Leica Tempus ASPH

General properties of ASPH red dot

As mentioned, this is Leica’s first red dot sight. It is of the reflex type, very compact and lightweight. Leica – ASPH red dot is designed for driven hunts, thus featuring a fine red dot. There are two different models on the market, the first one with a 2 MOA dot and the second one with a 3.5 MOA red-dot reticle. Apart from this, the models are the same. ASPH dot sight is made in Leica factory in Portugal.

Leica Tempus lens

On the front part, below the lens, „ASPH“ is written. This stands for aspheric, meaning that Leica – Tempus uses an aspheric lens instead of an ordinary one. These lenses can only be found in red dot sights of the highest quality class. Because of their lens’ shape, the optics are better and the image sharper. Furthermore, there is no tint whatsoever. The window on Leica red – dot is quite big, allowing for a quick target acquisition.

Leica Tempus mount and footprint

Leica – Tempus can be mounted on all Docter sight mounts, which is great news.

Leica Tempus features the Docter/Noblex mounting standard. If you are looking for more information about footprint on Leica ASPH read our blog post Leica Tempus Footprint. 

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Brigthness settings and battery on ASPH red dot

There are 12 brightness intensity levels on Leica MOA red dot to choose from, enough for all lighting conditions. If you forget to turn it off, the Leica sight will automatically power off after four hours of inactivity. Turning Leica device on is simple – you just press any of the buttons (up or down). To turn it off, hold any of these two buttons for three seconds.

The battery compartment is located on the side of the Leica product, which is great since you do not have to dismount the device in order to change the battery – the tray has to be pried open with a tool such as a screwdriver. Leica device is powered by a single CR2032 battery. In contrast to Docter sights that feature two lock screws, Leica Tempus only has one.

Elevation and windage adjustments are regulated the same as on the majority of reflex red dot sights on the market – with the help of two adjustment screws. Leica red -dot is made from a single piece of aluminum and is thus waterproof. Leica claims that Tempus remains fully operational up to –25 degrees Celsius.

Leica Tempus ASPH
Leica Tempus ASPH -red dot Tempus
Leica Tempus ASPH
Leica Tempus ASPH with a cover on

Conclusion on Leica sight

We are pretty sure that Leica – Tempus will attract the attention of those who are fond of reflex red dot sights – not only because it is the first-ever red dot sight made by Leica, but also because of its unique design and characteristics. The expected retail price of this Leica red dot sight is around 550 €.

Leica Tempus ASPH
Leica Tempus ASPH with a cover on

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Leica Tempus ASPH

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