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Leica Fortis 6 Riflescopes (IWA 2019)

Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019
Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019
  • Leica Sport Optics at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019

This year, Leica had an eventful showing at IWA OutdoorClassics. It’s no surprise that their exhibition booth was swarmed with journalists and business insiders alike, curious to see what’s next in the pipeline for the prestigious German manufacturer of all things optics.

Almost three years on the dot after Leica announced the production of Visus riflescopes, the company took the same stage to unveil the brand new series of premium riflescopes called Fortis 6. As of now, two model configurations are on offer (1-6x24i and 2-12x50i), while the third Fortis 6 riflescope (2.5-15x56i) is promised to hit the market sometime later in 2019.

Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019
Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019

  • A New Force

Looking at the sleek design, we can see that this is a typical Leica. It’s elegant without being showy, emphasizing the bare essentials. Under the matte black finish of Fortis 6 riflescopes, there is the incredibly robust housing.

The company understands that the need for functional reliability comes first, making sure that these optics are impervious to the tough challenges that await hunters when on the move through the great outdoors.

The ease of use is aided by the extra large exit pupil (L-EP). The unique eyepiece design boasts an up to 50% larger exit pupil diameter than other premium brands can offer. This way, hunters can enjoy a quick, comfortable view-through and aim.

Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019
  • Optical Prowess

When it comes to optical performance, Leica is the reigning champion and not about to rest on its laurels, either. The new Fortis 6 riflescopes are characterized by impressive detail recognition, crisp edges and colour fidelity that is hard to match even when taking a peek at Leica’s ultimate competitors like Zeiss and Swarovski Optik.

What is more, these hunting riflescopes have a light transmission rate of up to 92%. The four 2-12x50i model variants and especially the 2.5-15x56i riflescope, which is still waiting in the wings, promise to stay action-ready even in low light situations. The famous hydrophobic AquaDura® lens coating on the air-to-glass surfaces repels water, dirt and dust particles.

Looking for more information on 2-12x50i model?

The outstandingly wide field of view (W-FoV) is more than great for scanning the landscape or tracking fast-moving animals. What is more, it also guarantees a safer and quicker target identification.

The 6x zoom factor is perfect for many hunting methods and provides these models with added versatility. The rotating wheel at the left side of the main tube comes with 9 brightness intensity levels. The first 6 will work best in a low light environment after the night falls. In contrast, the last two levels can be used during the daytime.

Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019
Leica Fortis 6 riflescope series at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019
  • Reticle and Zeroing

These Fortis 6 riflescopes are of premium quality, marketed at advanced hunters who want their rifles paired with only the best optics. All models feature the Leica 4a reticle. It’s important to emphasize tzhat his reticle design is particularly fine in order for the illuminated dot to cover and obscure as little of the target as possible.

Zeroing is done with a tool. Admittedly, this is an interesting choice after Leica highly successful line of Magnus riflescopes that need no help of accessories for zeroing. Still, the high-performance mechanics of Fortis 6 models leave no room for errors. Leica utilized decades worth of technological know-how to achieve repetitive accuracy under extreme conditions.

  • Leica and the Future

All things considered, despite all the glitz and glamour, our visit to the German company’s exhibition booth at IWA OutdoorClassics 2019 only affirmed what we already knew. Optics are Leica’s forte.




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