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Kahles Helia RF-M


In the last few years, Kahles has developed a habit of annually presenting new products to the public. They did a complete makeover of their brand look two years ago and have been launching innovative devices ever since. They’ve introduced their first-ever red dot, LRF-binoculars, etc. This year, they’ve brought two new optical devices to Shot ShowK18i, a wide-angle riflescope, and Helia RF-M, a rangefinding monocular.

Kahles' booth at Shot Show 2020
Kahles’ booth at Shot Show 2020

New features

Helia RF-M is Kahles’ first-ever LRF-monocular, so we were eager to look at its specs. It features an industry-standard 7x magnification (117 m of the field of view at 100 m), with the objective lens measuring 25 mm in diameter. Kahles went for an ergonomic design for optimal comfort, adding rubberized lines on top for a great grip. This is the first device from Kahles that clearly displays the new look of the brand, featuring a vibrant, orange-coloured line on its upper part. With 214 grams (battery included), it weighs roughly the same as most of its competition. It measures 102 mm in length, 78 mm in height and 37 mm in width.

Kahles Helia RF-M
Kahles Helia RF-M

Kahles says that their target audience for this device are hunters. The maximum distance that the rangefinder can display is 2000 m (in optimal conditions and when aimed at highly reflective objects), while the minimum distance is 10 m. The user can select whether the distance displayed is in meters or yards. The brightness of the LED-display can be set to 5 intensity levels to match the ambient lighting. The duration from the click of the button to the distance display is approx. 1 second.

Kahles Helia RF-M
Kahles Helia RF-M

Those who perform plenty of inclined shots will be happy to learn that Helia RF-M has an EAC-function (Enhanced Angle Compensation) – the device can display the angle compensated distance next to the standard, linear distance measurement. At Kahles’ booth, I learned that 4000 measurements can be done with a single CR2 battery (low temperature and increased intensity of the LED-display decrease this number). The Scan mode is included for the convenient ranging of moving targets. Helia RF-M also features a temperature and air pressure sensor. For undisturbed use during the colder times of the year, Helia RF-M is filled with nitrogen – no bothersome internal fogging will occur. Keep in mind though, that the operating temperature of this device is from –10 °C to 55 °C, so don’t count on it to be fully operational during extreme cold.

Kahles Helia RF-M
Kahles Helia RF-M

The device is covered with a 2-year warranty.

Kahles Helia RF-M
Kahles Helia RF-M


Helia RF-M is one of the most stylish rangefinders that we’ve come across – it exhibits Kahles’ new sporty, dynamic look. Helia RF-M provides the hunter with handy features, including the calculation of the angle displayed distance, but you will have to look elsewhere if you seek an advanced ballistic calculator. Those who want it will have to wait until April 2020 when it is going to be made available. I was told that it is going to retail for 550 €.

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Kahles Helia RF-M
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Kahles Helia RF-M
Helia RF-M is one of the most stylish rangefinders that we’ve come across – it exhibits Kahles’ new sporty, dynamic look. Available in April 2020.
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  • Soy poseedor de un binocular Kahles HELIA 8 x 56. pregunta. está fabricado totalmente en Austria? Gracias por su respuesta.
    Saudos cordiales. P.D. como comentario, es el mejor binocular que tuve en mi vida, despues de probar un sin fin de marcas.

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