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Kahles 525i DLR


Even though we have not been able to visit the Shot Show due to it being cancelled this year (Covid-19), plenty of optics manufacturers updated us on their novelties via online presentations. After Swarovski’s webinar, we were excited to see what Kahles has up their sleeve for 2021. We were happy to find out that they have prepared two new products – A Dynamic Long Range (DLR) version of the famous K525i, and Helia S 42 binoculars. We will dedicate this article to the former product, but you can read more about the new Helia S here if you are interested.

Kahles K525i DLR
Source: Kahles

New features

The new K525i (5–25×56) DLR has been optimized for Dynamic Long Range (DLR) competitions; it comes with a wider field of view, clicks that are simple to read, a long throw lever for more precision, and a parallax spinner.

The additional FOV is useful in the combination with the new illuminated SKMR4 reticle (FFP) as the user is provided with a better overview of the range. This reticle, designed by Shannon Kay, was introduced last year and is aimed towards a professional PRS shooter. You can find out more information about this cleverly designed reticle here.

The turrets come with clearly legible numbers, which allows the shooter to dial the desired amount of clicks rapidly.

Kahles K525i DLR
Source: Kahles

The throw lever will help you to quickly adjust the magnification and to make precise adjustments for absolute accuracy. Same goes for the parallax spinner, which aids in providing you with a better feeling for the focus setting, with gloves or without them.

What remains the same?

Other features are identical to the ones found on the standard Kahles K525i riflescope.

The click value is 0.1 MIL (MRAD), meaning that one click moves the point of impact for 1 cm at 100 m. There are 100 clicks in one rotation and 29 MILS of elevation at one’s disposal. K525i DLR’s elevation turret is equipped with a mechanical turn indicator.

K525i DLR comes with Kahles’ patented twist guard on the windage turret, the main function of which is to prevent unintentional rotation. It is an alternative to the more common locking function – it has the same purpose, but the user does not have to think whether the turret is locked or not prior to making adjustments (in hectic situations, the user could break the locked turret with a forceful turn, the Twist Guard feature prevents that). It can be bought with the windage turret on the left or the right side based on the preferences of the shooter.

Kahles K525i DLR
Source: Kahles

Optically, it the same as other K525i riflescopes, meaning that it provides impressive image quality and edge-to-edge sharpness.

It is covered by a 10-year warranty period.


The K525i DLR is all about speeding up the process of landing a precise shot at Dynamic Long-Range competitions. Speed and precision often do not go with one another but Kahles managed to prove quite the opposite – we cannot wait to test all the new features at the range. K525i DLR will retail for 3550 EUR, which makes it slightly more expensive than the standard model. It is expected to hit the shelves in March 2021.

Kahles K525i DLR
Source: Kahles
Kahles 525i DLR
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Kahles 525i DLR
The K525i DLR is all about speeding up the process of landing a precise shot. K525i DLR will retail for 3550 EUR in March 2021.
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Optics Info
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