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Holosun 508T and Holosun 509T Titanium Red Dot Sights

Holosun HE508T and HE509T

Holosun had themselves quite a busy four-day showing at SHOT Show 2019. The company unveiled several new products like the HM3X magnifier, the closed reflex optical sight HS512C and the new gold reticle colour that has been all the rage among a number of like-thinking brands at this year’s exhibit. But that’s not all. Holosun also premiered 2 new titanium-build sights, Holosun 508T and Holosun 509T.

Interested in Holosun HE508T?

Holosun HE508T

Holosun booth at SHOT Show 2019
Holosun booth at SHOT Show 2019

New Holosun Titanium Dot Sight

Holosun HE508T and Holoson’s HE509T dot sight titanium are made of incredibly durable and sturdy Grade 5 Titanium housing. This premium material provides up to 3x more structural strength of optic than the standard aluminium bodies of a red – dot. As far as other physical features of the optic product are concerned, these dots are not particularly different from their antecedents. They are small enough to be mounted on pistols and have a waterproof rating of IPX8.

Holosun HS508T-RD
Holosun HE508T-RD titanium elite red dot – sight
Holosun HE508T Red Dot Sight
Holosun – 509T titanium Red Dot Sight

Both model sights are parallax-free and have unlimited eye relief which is great news for people who value the comfort of use first and foremost. The elevation and windage adjustment screws allow a POI movement of 50 MOA.

Need more information about Holosun HE509T?

Holosun HE509T

Both optic products offer 12 reticle brightness levels, 2 of which are night-vision compatible. Speaking of the reticle, once again Holosun made sure that the user can have their pick between the traditional red and ever more popular green reticle illumination colour. The latter option is an effortless solution for people with colour blindness.

Watch our video about Holosun HE508T and HE509T dot sights

MOA Red dot

As the number ‘500’ in the product name indicates, 508T reflex red dot and 509T moa red dot use the life multi-reticle system. The user can rely on the standard 2 MOA dot, a circle dot (that is, a 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA dot circle around it) or just the 32 MOA dot circle without the dot. The switch between these reticles can be done at the push of a button.

Holosun HE509T Titanium Red Dot Sight
Holosun HE509T Titanium Red Dot Sight

Differences between Holosun 508T vs 509T

Holosun is known as one of the most innovative companies that specialize in red – dot. They continue to add more products into their catalogue at an almost rapid pace, offering a practically unmatched number of sights variants with different elements to cater to each and every customer’s individual preferences and needs. With that in mind, the 508T product and 509T product are very similar yet not the same. There are a handful of differences to pay attention to before opting for purchase or one or the other optic.

Holosun HS508T-RD
Holosun red dot HE508T-RD

Holosun HE508T

Holosun’s 508T dot sports an open-frame design and clear glass lens. Its CR2032 long battery life can last up to 10 years between battery changes, which is twice as much as in the case of HE509T red dot.

Holosun HS508T-RD
Holosun HE508T titanium red – dot reflex sight

Does the 508T fit RMR cut?

Holosun’s HE508T red dot comes with a fixed mount for the Picatinny standard. It can be removed – on the bottom side of the open reflex sight, there is a Trijicon RMR mounting footprint (systems style rmr – rmr adapter plate).

Interested in Holosun 508T X2 Footprint?

Footprint database

Holosun HE509T

In comparison, Holosun’s 509T solar sights are built of an enclosed housing. It is powered by both solar cells and a CR1632 battery. The manufacturer promises up to 5 years of battery life warranty before the first need for a recharge.

Note that both optic models come with the Holosun Shake Awake technology. When left powered on after a period of zero movements, these red dots will automatically make a switch from ‘active mode’ to sleep mode in order to prevent unnecessary battery drain. Once moved again, the devices will power back on immediately.

Holosun HE509T Titanium Red Dot Sight
Holosun HE509T Titanium Red Dot Sight

What footprint does Holosun 509T use?

Holosun 509t sight has an innovative mounting surface that works similarly to the Picatinny rails’ standard. The adapter slides into place and then are fixed with a recoil stop, which helps keep it in place on your gun or firearm.

Need more information about mounting standard on HE509T?

Footprint database

Holosun and the Future

Holosun’s rise to one of the most established sight producers was remarkably fast work. With the constant updates of their sales catalogue and affordable pricing, the Chinese company maintains its position on the market.

With all the success, it’s a bit surprising that Holosun has no intention to expand the repertoire beyond red dots sights and laser products. But the company has nothing to fear. The utmost attention they pay to user preferences that greatly vary promises that customers will continue looking out for what product Holosun has in store for them.

Holosun 508T and Holosun 509T Titanium Red Dot Sights
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Holosun 508T and Holosun 509T Titanium Red Dot Sights
At SHOT Show 2019, Holosun unveiled 2 new titanium red dots, HE508T and HE509T.
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