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Holosun ShakeAwake™ Function | Optics Trade Debates

Hello and welcome to another Optics Trade Debates video. Today we’ll continue with our focus on Holosun products, specifically on the ShakeAwake™ function that can be found in many of their red dot sight models.

The ShakeAwake™ function by the Chinese manufacturer Holosun is an upgrade of the automatic turn-off of reticle illumination, in this case, a red dot illumination. The standard automatic turn-off in practice means that if the device is stationary for some time, the mechanism inside will automatically turn off the red dot.

The ShakeAwake™ function is an advancement of the technology described above in a sense that it only goes from ‘active’ to ‘sleep’ mode. The latter is initiated after the device has not detected any type of movement or vibration in a specific amount of time.

Once moved, the device will immediately return to ‘active’ mode and recall the last brightness setting used. This great feature helps promote battery life further and ensures the unit is on and ready when the user needs it. The promised battery life of 50.000 hours is already impressive enough, but added insurance cannot hurt.

Holosun Tube models allow the user to configure how the ShakeAwake function will work. More specifically, the period of time before the ShakeAwake™ function is triggered can be programmed by the user. With a push on the ➖ button, they can pick between 10 minutes, 3 hours or 12 hours of time span before the ‘sleep’ mode is activated. If preferred, the ShakeAwake function itself can be turned off and the standard automatic turn-off function will take over.

Here, at Optics Trade, we tested a few models from different series since Holosun does not state precisely how many minutes it will take for the initiation of the ShakeAwake™ function. The results were not conclusive but the transition from the ‘sleep’ mode back to ‘active’ was definitely smooth and seamless. To be fair, with the battery life expectancy as it is, it doesn’t make that much difference whether the red dot makes the switch after one hour or two. The main thing is that it does that in the first place.

Note that the models with the solar panel (indicated by the letter ‘C’ in their name) do not have this feature. However, the company’s sales catalog isn’t exactly straight-forward as far as individual model features are concerned. Some pages state that the ShakeAwake™ function is also available in these models while others actively claim otherwise.

Still, based on our experiences with the brand, most Holosun models do offer this neat function. As we said, due to extreme battery longevity the ShakeAwake™ function isn’t of paramount importance but it shows the innovative aspirations of this young brand.

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