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Dentler BASIS TAC monoblock mount (IWA 2019)


Dentler is a German manufacturer of high-quality rifle scope mounts, muzzle brakes, and complete rifles. Their mount system BASIS earned great reputation in the last years thanks to its simple yet durable design and repeatability. At IWA 2019, Dentler introduced a new mount for sports/competition shooters and military/law enforcement.

Dentler BASIS base


The new mount is called Dentler BASIS TAC, and it is the most durable mount Dentler has ever produced. It is made from 2 pieces; the base which is directly mounted on the weapon, and the upper part with the rings which is mounted on the base.

The base is mounted on the Picatinny rail of the weapon. It features 2 recesses that work as recoil stoppers. In the middle of the base is a quick-release lever which holds the upper part to the lower part. The user can choose between a 0 MOA base, 20 MOA base and an adjustable inclination base.

The upper part of the main mount is made of a single piece aluminum, and what is so special about this mount is the length of the rings. Each ring has 8 screws that hold the optic in place, so the contact surface is extremely big – the biggest on the market. Thanks to the big contact surface, the user can be 100 % sure that the optic is not moving because of the recoil, even on extreme calibers like the .50 BMG.

Another unique feature of this mount is the position of the mounting screws. They are positioned at the bottom and on the top of the rings, different from what we are used to. The screws are tightened in the horizontally, and the rings are designed to be completely flat on all 3 sides, which greatly helps with the visibility of the turrets.

Dentler BASIS TAC monoblock mount

Because the mount is made from 2 separate parts, the user can switch the rifle scope between weapons with no point of impact shift. Once you have the mount, you only need the lower part for mounting on other weapons. The latter stays on the weapon, so you just release the upper part from the firearm.

As mentioned previously, Dentler also designed a new BASIS VARIO rail with an adjustable inclination for users that shoot targets at great distances. The base can be adjusted from 0 to 50 MOA smoothly with no fixed inclination points. It can also be adjusted for windage, so you can perfectly zero your rifle scope.

Dentler BASIS VARIO adjustable inclination and windage base

Dentler hasn’t forgotten about accessories. You can get side mounts that can be directly mounted on the monoblock mount for mounting a Docter sight, Aimpoint, or just an additional small Weaver/Picatinny rail for other accessories.


The Dentler BASIS TAC mount is one of the most heavy-duty mounts on the market today. The construction is extremely well made, and only the best materials are used. The mount will be available for 25.4, 30 and 34-millimeters main tube rifle scopes, so the most ˝big players˝ can be mounted with this new mount. Because of the BASIS rail, the mount is great if you want to use the same rifle scope on more weapons – it provides great repeatability.



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