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Delta Optical 4.5-30×56 HD FFP


Delta optical 4.5-30×56 HD FFP is a tactical riflescope with a reticle in the first focal plane. The design and characteristics of 4.5-30×56 are similar to Vortex Razor HD and Athlon Cronus. These have both been quite popular and we think that Delta’s newly introduced riflescope will follow their example.

Delta Optical 4.5-30x56 HD FFP
Delta Optical 4.5-30×56 HD FFP

First Impressions

Optically, the 4-5-30×56 HD FFP model is top notch. There will be an option of choosing between 3 tactical reticles. The reticles are designed with elaborate care – the central target point is a small dot which facilitates aiming (on low magnifications you see a cross, while on high magnifications a dot can be seen which allows the user to shoot accurately even in poor lighting conditions). The reticle works great on both low and high magnification, which is great considering that most tactical riflescopes with a large zoom factor have certain problems with reticle usability on both extremes of magnification range. As far as the reticles are concerned, Delta chose the best and the most popular ones for their 4.5-30×56 HD FFP (one of the reticles closely resembles the famous Horus reticle, and the other is similar to MSR).

Delta Optical 4.5-30x56 HD FFP reticles
Delta Optical 4.5-30×56 HD FFP reticles

Quality is never in question when it comes to Delta – the 4.5-30×56 HD FFP is no exception. The clicks are MIL/MIL (1 cm), and all the reticles are illuminated. The riflescope could have a better turn indicator as only the lines indicate in which turn you are. However, there are exactly 10 Mils (100 clicks) in one turn, which facilitates the use of the riflescope (one turn of the turret equals 100 clicks, two turns equal 200 clicks etc.) The turrets do not have a locking function, which is somewhat disappointing, and ZeroStop does not work exactly as we would want it to, but the price will more than make up for it (it is expected to be under 2000 € – if this is true, it will be about 30–40 % cheaper than similar quality riflescopes of other manufacturers).


Because of the price, the riflescope is expected to sell well – for a price of under 2000 € the buyer will get basically everything: an illuminated reticle, MIL/MIL, useful zoom ratio, quality glass etc. It even comes with a throw lever which can either be left on the riflescope or unscrewed and removed. Undoubtedly a to-be hit on the market, Delta’s 4.5-30×56 HD FFP will not let down its buyers. This is a first tactical riflescope presented to the public by Delta optical, and we hope that that many models will follow.

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