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Contessa mounts (IWA 2019)


Contessa is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality mounting solutions for rifle scopes. They offer a big assortment of rifle scope mounts and mounting rails for various weapon platforms. At IWA Outdoor Classics 2019, Contessa presented their new line of mounts for tactical applications.

Contessa ˝Light˝ tactical mount at IWA 2019


In the new Tactical line, the user can choose from a monoblock mount and a two-piece mount. The mounts are made of one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum and have a hard-anodized finish for extra strength and durability. The 2-piece mounts will be available in two versions – “light” and “full tactical”. The ‘light’ rings have 4 mounting screws on them (2 on each side) and 2 mounting screws for mounting on the picatinny rail.

Contessa ˝Light˝ tactical mount at IWA 2019

The wider 2-piece mount has 6 mounting screws on the rings and 2 on the bottom. Both, light and heavy rings, have 2 recoil stoppers on the bottom for maximum recoil resistance. The light rings are available in 1 inch, 30 and 34mm versions, while there are two possibilities with the wide rings – 30 and 34 mm. The wide rings have a bubble level which can be pushed inwards during transport and pulled out when shooting.

Contessa ˝full˝ tactical mount at IWA 2019

The monoblock mounts Contessa offers are also made of aircraft-grade aluminum and are hard-anodized for strength and durability. They are available in diameters of 30, 34 and 40 millimeters. A reduction ring can be ordered, so rifle scopes with a diameter of 35 and 36 millimeters will fit in this mount. The monoblock mount is available as a fixed or a quick detachable version, and Contessa guarantees a 100% return to zero if the user decides to take the mount down and mount it back on.

A bubble level is integrated into the monoblock mount. It will be available in 0 or 20 MOA. On top of the ring, a NATO rail interface can be found. You can use it for mounting additional accessories like a red dot.

Contessa ˝full˝ tactical mount at IWA 2019


The design and the finish of the new Contessa mounts is just great, like we are used to from their hunting mounts. All mounts look extremely durable and can easily handle even strong recoiling calibers such as the .50 BMG.



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