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Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescopes

Zeiss Conquest V4 Series Review

On IWA 2018, Zeiss released a brand new series of Riflescopes called Zeiss Conquest V4. These scopes were released as the replacement for Zeiss Conquest DL. In this price range (1000 €), Zeiss always hit success with their riflescopes (Zeiss Duralyt, Zeiss Conquest DL – successor of Zeisss Duralyt). Conquest V4 offers premium optical performance in the price range of 1000 €, which makes them affordable quality hunting riflescopes.

Interested in Conquest V4 Scopes?

Zeiss Conquest V4
Zeiss Conquest V4 Scope

Where are Zeiss Conquest V4 scopes made?

Zeiss Duralyt and Conquest DL were both made in Europe, however, this is not the case with the new Conquest V4. Zeiss Conquest V4 rifle scopes are made in Japan. Currently, there are four V4 models available. Two of them are classic European riflescopes (V4 1-4×24, V4 3-12×56), while the other two are designed with a hint of American flavor (V4 4-16×44, V4 6-24×50).

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Want to Know Where are Zeiss Scopes Made?

Features of Conquest V4 Optics

The V4 Riflescopes come with a 4x zoom factor. The Conquest V4 4-16×44 and Conquest V4 6-24×50 models come with a tactical elevation turret by default; the other two models have a classic, hunting elevation turret (for now, the ballistic turret cannot be ordered extra).


Both the V4 1-4×24 and V4 3-12×56 come with an illuminated central dot. The 4-16×44 comes without illumination, while with the 6-24×50 there is a possibility to choose between the illuminated an non-illuminated version. With the illuminated version, the whole reticle is illuminated.

Style of Use

In the following section of this article, we will elaborate on the style of use for each individual riflescope from the Conquest V4 series. We have to point out that the assortment of V4 scopes is good but we miss a model in 2.5-10×50 configuration.

  1. 1-4×24 Scope – designed for driven hunts and short-range situations
  2. 3-12×56 Scope – perfect for dusk and dawn hunting
  3. 4-16×44 Scope – suitable for stalking
  4. 6-24×50 Scope – ideal for long range hunting
Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24
Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4×24 Scope

The 1-4×24 and 3-12×56 models both have an illuminated central dot while the 4-16×44 and 6-24×50 models have an illuminated reticle. With the discontinuation of Zeiss Terra, Victory V4 are the cheapest in the Zeiss riflescopes series.

Conquest V4 Price

The suggested retail price is going to be around 1000 to 1300 €. These riflescopes will be available on the market around April 2018. Without a question „Made in Japan“ Conquest V4 scopes are a very brave move by Zeiss however, time will tell if this move was also a smart move. Hopefully, Zeiss will add an option to buy these scopes with Zeiss ZM/VM rail.

ZEISS Conquest V4 reticles

The selection of reticles for Zeiss Conquest V4 scopes is as follows.

  • 1-4×24 – available reticle: 60
  • 3-12×56 – available reticles: 20, 60
  • 4-16×44 – available reticles: 20, ZBR-2, ZMOA-2
  • 6-24×50 – available reticles: ZBR-1, ZMOA-1, ZMOAi-1


We at Optics Trade are very positive that the riflescopes from this series will sell well. Especially the scope model with the 56 mm objective lens which is a true low light scope for a very reasonable price, and the model with the 24 mm objective lens, which is a perfect choice for driven hunting.

  1. First off, you get a great Zeiss Riflescope for an affordable price.
  2. Secondly, the optical characteristics of these products are more than decent for the price range.
  3. Illumination of 4-16x and 6-24x in our opinion should be more European centered (central dot illumination).
Zeiss Conquest V4
Zeiss Conquest V4 Scopes

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  • I recently purchased a Zeiss 4-12X50AOMC rifle scope. How can I tell if this is a Zeiss scope or a counterfeit? It has a number on it 6351906.

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