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Vomz novelties 2018 (PV 1–7×25 ML; PV 2–14×42 LF)

Vomz PV 1–7×25 ML

At IWA 2018, Vomz introduced their new wide angle riflescope with a 7x zoom factor. The riflescope no longer has a tunnel effect at low magnifications like some previous models. Vomz managed to improve the design, making it much more modern and aesthetically pleasing. These robust riflescopes come at an affordable price. With this model, the illumination is not yet as powerful as we would want it to be. However, Vomz assured us that it will be daytime bright as soon as serial production begins.

Vomz PV 2–14×42 LF

This is the new all-around model that Vomz introduced at IWA 2018. We are pleased with the field of view that it offers based on the price class. There is almost no tunnel effect. 2–14×42 is distinguished by its modern design (Vomz has finally made sure that their riflescopes are up-to-date as regards the outer appearance). This model will compete with the Chinese products based on its price even though it is superior as regards the quality of manufacture. It features a 7x zoom factor and an illuminated dot which is not daytime bright.



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