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The New Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED

Consistency Is Key

Sightron is a well-known name in the world of long-range shooting and has garnered an iconic reputation among F-class shooters for its high-quality scopes over the years. As the market gradually shifts towards tactical shooting, Sightron has kept up with the changing times by introducing its latest novelty, the S6 5-30×56 ED.

Known for its signature approach to delivering premium products without being overly feature-rich, Sightron always promises to offer excellent glass quality. We were eager to see how the S6 5-30×56 ED stacks up against its predecessors and competitors in the market.

Sightron S6 5-30x56 ED
Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED

Technical Properties of Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED

One thing that caught our attention right away was the uncompromised build quality of the scope. The 34 mm tube is milled from a single piece of industrial-grade high-quality aluminum which results in a robust yet delicate feeling housing. The company once again placed their bet on the premium Japanese glass with Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) elements. As per Sightron’s claims, this drastically reduces chromatic aberration and improves the clarity of the image, providing a clear and crisp view of the target.

Sightron S6 5-30x56 ED
Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED, Source: Sightron

Additionally, the Zact-7 Plus coatings increase light transmission and decrease flare. The large tactical turrets are designed to be easily readable and resettable to zero, however, the turn indicator is marked with lines and is not mechanical, which is to be expected from a scope in this price range. Moreover, the outstanding glass quality makes up for the lack of extra features, keeping the device neat and simple.

Sightron S6 5-30x56 ED
Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED

The S6 5-30×56 ED is available in three versions, including the FFP with the MIL / MIL or MOA / MOA configuration with illuminated tactical reticles, and the SFP with a thin, crisp reticle for target shooting. The illuminated reticle has 11-positions that allow for customization by turning the low-profile dial located on the side. Covering a parallax adjustment range from 9 meters to infinity, the optical system ensures sharp target visibility regardless of the distance.

MH-7 IR reticle
MH-7 IR reticle
MOA-8 IR reticle
MOA-8 IR reticle
MOA-7 IR reticle
MOA-7 IR reticle, Source: Sightron

With a weight of just under 1 kg, is not classified as lightweight, but it is still regarded as a reasonably light option within its category. The scope is shockproof up to 1000G and has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can be fully submerged in 1-meter-deep water for up to 30 minutes without internal damage.

Sightron’s S6 riflescopes are made and assembled in Japan and come with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee included by the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

While there are many scopes available in the market that share similar features, the S6 is setting the bar high with its superior optical clarity. With the units retailing for 1999 €, the 5-30×56 ED offers a great balance between price and performance. Moreover, as with all Sightron scopes, it boasts excellent and reliable tracking.

Sightron S6 5-30x56 ED

Although the lack of locking turrets may be a minor issue for some, it shouldn’t be considered a significant drawback. Similarly, adding the mechanical turn indicator would be a welcome addition, but it is almost impossible to expect such a treat at this price point.

With the market being overflooded with a sea of options, it can be challenging to choose the right one. However, for those looking for a premium optical performance without the need for bells and whistles, the S6 5-30×56 ED is definitely worth considering.

The New Sightron S6 5-30x56 ED
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The New Sightron S6 5-30x56 ED
As the market gradually shifts towards tactical shooting, Sightron has kept up with the changing times by introducing its latest novelty, the S6 5-30x56 ED.
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