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Steiner MX7i, MX8i + IFS


At this year’s IWA, Steiner introduced their MX7i 4–28×56 and MX8i 1–8×24 which are an upgrade to the MX5i series that are popular with the military and other professional users.

MX7i 4–28×56

For the same price, the buyer will get a Steiner-quality riflescope with a 7x zoom factor made in Germany (in case something goes wrong, Steiner’s service department is also located in Germany). With the product, you get 10 years of warranty. MX7i 4–28×56 comes with a mil-mil configuration as regards the elevation and windage adjustments. There are several reticles to choose from. The riflescope will enter the market previously dominated by Kahles, Minox, and S&B. The main reason for that is the price which is more than acceptable for a tactical riflescope with a 7x zoom factor made in Germany (2800 €)MX7i 4–28×56 will also compete with certain American manufacturers like Vortex, Nightforce, and Leupold.

MX7i 4–28x56
MX7i 4–28×56

MX8i 1–8×24

This is a riflescope of a wide angle type, designed for CQB (close quarter battle). As is typical for Steiner products, it is well made. MX8i 1–8×24 comes with an illuminated dot in the first focal plane. This works well at the lowest magnification (1x) where it can be used with both eyes open. At the highest magnification (8x) it is huge, covering 20 cm of the image at 100 m. MX8i 1–8×24 will not be popular among IPSC shooters because of the dot size. Police and military, on the other hand, will be fond of this riflescope because of its durability and build quality.

MX8i 1–8x24
MX8i 1–8×24

Features of both models

Both models come with tactical turrets with mil-mil configuration. The elevation turret allows the user to move the point of impact for 260 cm (26 mils) on 100 m. It also features a turn indicator and zero stop – both work like a charm. As regards windage, the point of impact can be moved by 60 cm (60 mils) on 100 m in both directions. The clicks are really nice to the touch. The riflescopes feature a metal housing, adding to the durability. The diameter of the tube is 34 mm. At the moment, only the black version is available. In the future, Steiner will add the Ral8000 colour option. MX7i and MX8i lack the turret locking function. All of the newly introduced riflescopes come with an illuminated reticle.

MX7i ISF 4–28×56, MX8i IFS 1–8×24

Steiner offers the possibility of buying their newly introduced riflescopes with a special electronic eyepiece. This is the future in the world of shooting optics. The upper third of the image seen through the IFS (Intelligent Firing Solution) riflescope is a transparent display. Since the user has all the necessary ballistic data in the line of sight, there is no need for a change in shooting position. First, the user enters the information regarding windage via the phone application on the system. The computer will inform the user of how many clicks are needed for a proper windage adjustment. The distance to the target object is then determined with the help of a laser rangefinder or a spotter. Since the display is part of the image seen through the riflescope, the user keeps track of the target at all times (especially with the help of a spotter). The user rotates the elevation turret while looking through the scope until the reading matches the distance to the target. The digital part features Bluetooth connectivity. With the mobile app, the user can connect to the computer via Bluetooth. At the moment, this is deemed Science Fiction in the world of shooting optics. Apart from the digital part, everything is the same as with standard models – if the battery runs out, the riflescope functions as the standard one. Some light transmission is lost but that is not apparent when using it in daylight. We hope that – in the future – all the riflescopes will be based on the concept devised by Steiner.

MX7i IFS 4–28x56
MX7i IFS 4–28×56
MX8i IFS 1–8x24
MX8i IFS 1–8×24

The recommended retail prices will be as follows:


We are pleased with Steiner‘s upgrade. The models without the electronic eyepiece will be the cheapest European super zoom riflescopes once they hit the market. Because of this, they are sure to attract plenty of attention. With IFS models, Steiner entered the future of shooting optics. The electronic eyepiece is sure to revolutionize long-range tactical shooting. The models are expected to be available in retail shops in Summer 2018.

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