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Shield SIS2


Curious about what Shield has got in store for us for 2019, I visited booth #2363 at Shot Show 2019. I’ve always been a fan of their compact designs. This year, they presented two compact red dot sights – RMSw, a mini waterproof red dot sight, a prototype of which we have already seen last year at IWA, and SMS2, a remastered version of the original Mini Sight. They also announced a release of another model. Not as compact as the two mentioned, but still in the ‘compact’ zone, the SIS series has received an upgrade. It is named in Shield’s fashion – SIS2.

Shield SIS 2
Shield SIS 2

New features

SIS stands for Switchable Interface Sight. The first version was already an interesting piece, giving users the option of switching among four different reticles – 8 MOA dot, 1 MOA dot, 1 MOA dot/65 MOA ring, and 8 MOA dot/ 65 MOA ring. The combination of these reticles is on point as it allows you to use the sight both for precision shooting and quick target acquisition shooting. The brightness of the reticle was adapted to the ambient lighting. On top of all, it boasted a unique, sci-fi look, and featured 12 illumination intensity settings. One of the biggest advantages of this reflex red dot sight is that the optical part is closed from both sides, which is why it can be used in the rain without worrying that water will come in between the diode and the lens.

Shield SIS 2
Shield SIS 2

The core of the appearance was retained with the new model, but some changes have been made. The top of the lens frame is now straight and no longer dented. The rear part of the sight has also been redesigned in terms of aesthetics. The window is 10% bigger than it was, which is a welcome change since a small window was one of the disadvantages of the old model. Interestingly, the size and weight have been reduced. At Shield’s booth, I learned that they are trying their best to make it as small as possible. It comes with a mount for the Picatinny rail and two additional spacers. Optically, no changes were made.


We are looking forward to testing the new SIS on the range. It is expected to be priced slightly under 500 EUR.



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