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Meprolight Micro RDS


Recently, it has become very popular to mount a reflex sight on a pistol. Many optics manufacturers have presented something from this field in the recent years. Still, Meprolight managed to come up with something unique.

Meprolight MicroRDS
Meprolight MicroRDS


Meprolight Micro RDS is the first reflex red dot sight on the market that can be quickly removed and put back on the pistol. The solution is Meprolight’s Bullseye sight. The QR mount underneath Micro RDS is designed so that the device can be mounted directly on the rear Bullseye sight on the pistol.

Meprolight MicroRDS
Meprolight MicroRDS

The Bullseye sight serves as a base that keeps the device fixed in place. This is an intriguing concept that – surprisingly – no one has introduced up to now. Furthermore, with a system like this, the shooter has a backup in case the red dot sight fails or the battery dies. Once the pistol is zeroed with the red dot mounted, it will retain zero in case you remove the red dot and put it back on. The mount is included with the red dot sight.

Meprolight MicroRDS
Meprolight MicroRDS

The red dot itself is nothing out of the ordinary. It is small (46 mm x 33 mm x 26 mm), compact and features a big window (22.5 mm x 17.5 mm) that allows the user to acquire targets quickly. It offers four illumination intensity levels. The dot size is 3 MOA. The battery that the sight is powered by is of the CR2032 type.


There are two main ways of mounting a red dot sight on the pistol. Some pistols have a special pre-machined slot where the sight can be mounted. If that is not the case, the user has to buy an adapter, remove the rear sight on the pistol, mount the adapter on the pistol, and fix the device onto the adapter. Meprolight has now come up with a third way. Because of the simplicity and originality of the mounting procedure, we are sure that Micro RDS will be a popular choice among pistol users.

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