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Meprolight M21

Introduction of Meprolight M21

Meprolight is a company from Israel that is most known for pruducing sights for pistols, night vision devices, thermal optics and laser rangefinders. In the recent years, Meprolight has successfully penetrated the market of red dot sights users – Meprolight is particularly popular with military. Mepro M21 is a reflex red dot sight for accurate shooting at targets up to 300 metres away. This is one of the best and most battle proven tactical sights in the world – not many sights have been put to practice on the battlefield as many times as this one.

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Meprolight Mepro M21
Meprolight Mepro M21 sight

Physical properties of Meprolight reflex sight

Meprolight – M21 dot reflex sight is made for all kinds of military use – it is shockproof, fogproof and waterproof. If you are looking for robustness, this is a top choice – a more robust red dot sight is difficult to find on the market. M21 sight has got an interesting zeroing method – instead of moving the light source of the red dot you move the whole housing, which is a great feature since it adds to the robustness of the sight.

Meprolight Mepro M21
Meprolight Mepro M21 tactical sight

The window on the Meprolight sight is very large (diameter of 30 mm) and round which facilitates aiming and allows the user to shoot quickly and accurately. Since the Meprolight sight is made for military use, it can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also great in terms of aesthetics.

Meprolight Mepro M21
Meprolight Mepro M21 reflex – sight

Optical properties of Meprolight reflex sight

The sight illumination system on Meprolight reflex – sight works differently during day and during night. The fiber optic sights collector system powers M21 sight during daytime, and radioactive tritium in gas form powers it when it is dark. This means that on this fiber sight no battery is needed, which is superb. Not having to rely on the battery power is of great importance in hectic and critical situations. The transition from one mode to another is done automatically, according to the surrounding light. In direct sunlight, the fiber optics is much more powerful than in the dark. Not only can you chose from dot sizes, you can also change reticle and choose from several reticle shapes when ordering this sight:

  • triangle reticle
  • 4.3 MOA dot reticle
  • 5.5 MOA dot reticle
  • Bullseye reticle
  • Open X reticle

This is one of the rare sights that allows buyer a multiple choice when it comes to the reticle. Triangle reticle, for example, is a best choice – if you zero the reflex sight to the upper part of the triangle, you can aim and shoot at long distances very accurately.

Meprolight Mepro M21
Meprolight Mepro M21 tactical sight


Meprolight M21 sight is not one of the most battle proven tactical red dot sight in the world by chance – its robustness, high-quality illuminated system and good capability of withstanding extreme conditions contribute to its vast popularity with the military. This has been IDF’s main choice for many years and was thoroughly tested – unfortunately, most of the testing was done during conflicts. We like its zeroing process and illuminated system which operates without batteries. Some blue tint can be seen when looking through the sight window, which is not that great.

The reflex sight is also quite big, and the definition of the red dot is not adjustable; however, these are all minor issues which do not void the fact that M21 sight is an excellent outdoor product. Its best and most important feature is definitely operation without batteries – it always works. In the case of a zombie apocalypse where all the batteries in the world are dead, this red dot sight will remain functional – this is, of course, a statement in jest but a great example of how useful this tactical device actually is. M21 sight is a must-have for preppers.

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Interested in Mepro M21?


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