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Meopta’s new MeoRed T, MeoRed T-mini


Meopta celebrates their 85th anniversary this year. They are a renowned company that managed to accumulate plenty of followers throughout the years, one of the reasons being the high quality of their products. The NV clip-on attachment is not the only thing that they introduced at this year’s IWA. What also attracted our attention were two red dot sights, MeoRed T, and MeoRed T-mini.


AR 15 rifles users are fond of reliable red dot sights that allow quick target acquisition. With MeoRed T, Meopta complied with that desire. MeoRed T is a reflex red dot sight with an objective lens diameter of 30 mm. It features a fine 1.5 MOA dot that can be set to 12 intensity levels, making it usable in all lighting conditions. Tactical red dot sights have to be strong and robust. MeoRed T is no exception – it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It can be used together with night vision optics and magnifiers. When set to medium intensity, the expected battery life is 2000 hours (it is powered by a single AA battery). As regards the design, it seems that Aimpoint’s COMP4M4 was the role model.

Meopta MeoRed T
Meopta MeoRed T

Meopta also introduced a more compact version of the aforementioned sight, MeoRed T-mini. Because of its size, it is suitable for submachine guns and firearms that fall into the category PDW (personal defense weapons). The frame surrounding the optical part is very thin, resulting in minimal coverage of the target. The dot is bigger than with MeoRed T (3 MOA) but small enough not to cover too much of the target a bit farther away. MeoRed T-mini offers a huge number of intensity levels – 32. It is waterproof as well as shockproof. Interestingly, it requires two CR 1632 batteries to run. Just like the MeoRed T, it is compatible with night vision devices. Design-wise, it is similar to Aimpoint Micro devices.

Meopta MeoRed T-mini
Meopta MeoRed T-mini


We will have to wait for the prices to see how these new Meopta red dots will perform on the market. At the moment, it is difficult to compete with the Holosun devices in the middle class and even more difficult to compete with Aimpoint in the premium class.

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