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March Genesis 6-60×56


March is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality rifle scopes, that are assembled by hand in Japan. This company is one of the trendsetters in the world of rifle scopes, and now at IWA 2018, they have made it again. March introduced their new Genesis rifle scope, which has a total elevation of astonishing 400 MOA, and 150 MOA of windage.


The March Genesis 6-60×56 is a totally new design of a rifle scope, where the externals move and not the internals like in all other rifle scopes. This means, the housing is attached to a Picatinny rail with an existing mount, and when you adjust the clicks, the entire ocular and objective move for the desired adjustment. Because of this special design, they achieved such a big elevation and windage adjustment.

This new rifle scope has a 10 times zoom factor, and the reticle is placed in the first focal plane. This is very useful for shooting on long-range, because you can use the reticle on all magnifications to read your corrections or make distance calculations.

The turrets are exposed tactical with 50 MOA adjustment per turn, and ¼ MOA clicks. This rifle scope has also an illuminated reticle with 6 intensity settings and an adjustable parallax turret that goes from 9 meters to infinity. The objective lens is 56 mm big, so this scope offers a bright picture even in low light situations.

The Genesis comes also with some accessories, like the sunshade, flip up covers, zooming ring lever, hex key and a spare battery.


The new March Genesis is definitely in a class of its own when it goes for rifle scopes for extreme long range shooting. It is also the perfect companion for all that want to stretch the range of any caliber, should this be a .22 Long Rifle, a .50 BMG or anything in between.




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