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MAKdot Reflex Red Dot Sight


At IWA 2018 MAK introduced its first red dot sights ever – MAKdot and MAKdot S. In this article, we will elaborate on the characteristics of the MAKdot reflex red dot sight. This optical device is made in Japan. It is clear that MAK is ready to enter the market of pistol and rifle red dot sights. At first glance, MAKdot looks like any other red dot sight but in reality it's anything else but that. The sight comes with an original MAK QR (quick removable) mount. This is an extreme price benefit because with most manufacturers the buyer has to purchase the mount separately. Additionally, the price of the red dot will be very competitive even with the mount included.

MAKdot Reflex Red Dot Sight

MAKdot Reflex Red Dot Sight


MAKdot has a small window and is perfect for rifle use due to 3 MOA dot size. With 40 g, the device is extremely compact and lightweight. The housing is made from 6061-T6 mono-block aluminum, which adds a good measure of robustness to the red dot sight. Another great feature of MAKdot is the battery replacement method. It can be removed without taking the sight of the firearm because its designed with a side tray compartment. The red dot is designed with 12 digitally controlled intensity settings. After 4 hours, the illumination is automatically turned off if the device senses no motion. This small but compact optical device can also be used on handguns.

MAKdot Reflex Red Dot Sight

MAKdot Reflex Red Dot Sight


We are always very excited when the top brands in the field of mounts and sports optics test themselves at something new. In overall, the novelties from MAK in 2018 are to be commended and praised.

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    what is the width of the MAKdot 1X25?

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