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Kahles Helia RD-C


Kahles presented its first red dot sight at IWA 2019 in Germany, one year after they completely redesigned their brand logo and went for a new colour. Helia RD, manufactured in Japan, has been selling well, and this is probably what encouraged Kahles to dive further into the world of red dot sights. On the 7th of April, they presented Helia RD-C. C stands for ‘closed’ – it is in fact a small tube sight of the enclosed type. Let’s see what makes it different from other similar products on the market.

Kahles Helia RD-C
Source: Kahles

A modern, robust design

What immediately grabs one’s attention are the buttons, designed similarly as with their open reflex sight. The elevation turret is partly shrouded, and the windage turret is well protected by the CR2032 battery compartment. The device comes with a QD-Picatinny mount which allows for quick removal from the firearm. The enclosed form factor provides protection from the elements, and the flip-up covers prevent unwanted scratches on the lenses when the device is transported around. Kahles’ logo is imprinted on the left side, adding to the modern look. In contrast to Helia RD, the ‘C’ version is made in China.

Kahles Helia RD-C
Source: Kahles

Illumination – plenty of new functions

Helia RD-C’s 2 MOA dot can be set to 4 levels of illumination. In contrast to the Helia RD, the ‘C’ model has a new feature called MAX LIGHT which Kahles already presented to the public when they introduced the K18i riflescope. When activated, the illumination is set to the brightest setting possible, which is extremely useful when hunting in strong daytime brightness. Naturally, you can expect the battery to drain much faster while this function is turned on. Another feature of Helia RD-C is the AUTOMATICLIGHT function which deactivates the illumination if the device is pointed upwards, downwards or flipped to the side (these are the positions that the sight is commonly stored in). Last but not least, Kahles developed the SAFELIGHT function for the RD-C. By pressing both illumination control buttons for two seconds you lock the buttons in place, preventing accidental change of the current illumination setting. Turning on the SAFELIGHT function deactivates the AUTOMATICLIGHT function. To turn off the SAFELIGHT function, press the illumination buttons for 2 seconds again.

Kahles Helia RD-C
Source: Kahles


Kahles Helia RD-C is priced at 550 € and will be available in May 2021. It is covered with a 2-year warranty period. Kahles’ first enclosed red dot sight has yet to be tested by us but the optical quality should be at a high level based on the price. If so, this driven-hunt-designed red dot is sure to attract hunters’ attention.

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Kahles Helia RD-C
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Kahles Helia RD-C
On the 7th of April, Kahles presented Helia RD-C. C stands for 'closed' – it is in fact a small tube sight of the enclosed type. Let's see what makes it different from other similar products on the market.
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