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Holosun Gold Reticle

Holosun at SHOT Show 2019

The Chinese company had itself quite a busy showing at SHOT Show 2019. Holosun unveiled several new products like the HM3X magnifier, 2 new titanium-built red dots, the closed reflex rifle sight HS512C and. But the most attention-catching was the introduction of the brand new gold reticle colour that has been all the rage among a number of like-thinking brands at this year’s exhibit.

Holosun Golden Reticle
Holosun Golden Reticle

Golden Reticle Colour

So what’s all the fuss about the golden reticle? Yellow is the colour the human eye sees when looking at light with a dominant wavelength between 570 and 590 nanometers and with that, the brightest one in the visible spectrum.

Holosun representatives guarantee that their golden reticles work well in all conditions, no matter the amount of light. Not only that, yellow is also a colour blindness neutral colour. Everyone can see it, and the yellow colour is very apparent to users with colour blindness.

Holosun Golden Reticle
Holosun Golden Reticle

Holosun and the Future

This 2019 SHOT Show served as a great example of how Holosun continues to add excitement to the red dot niche of optical products on the market. It’s a real wonder that the company pledges to stay focused solely on red dot sights, only minutely expanding their catalogue to laser products and nothing else.

Holosun stands out from other Chinese brands thanks to the higher product quality and clean design sold at competitive prices. All things considered, we are really looking forward to what the innovative heads at Holosun will think of next.



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