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Holosun 530G Circle Dot Sight


HS530G’s housing is similar to that of Trijicon MRO. It comes with a Killflash filter that eliminates irritating reflections from the objective lens. HS530G can be easily removed from the rifle thanks to QD montage, and the flip-up covers make sure that the lenses remain intact. It comes with a low and a high mount. There are two main features that distinguish this product from HS530C: It is not equipped with a solar cell, and the battery is accessed through a screw located on the side of the optic. Its objective lens is bigger than its ocular lens.

Holosun 530G
Holosun 530G

New features

Full titanium housing, which is a unique feature of this red dot sight, makes the product lightweight and protects it from abrasion. It is IPX8 certified, meaning that it is protected against continual water submersion. It has a new edition of turrets with 0.5 MOA per click (15 mm at a distance of 100 m) and standard commands for manipulating with intensity. The Shake Awake function puts the optic in “sleep mode” when it is inactive and powers it up again at the slightest detection of movement. The battery compartment is a screw cap located on the side.

Holosun 530G
Holosun 530G


HS530G is very well made and offers a wide range of features for such an affordable price. The Shake awake function’s performance is exceptional – as soon as movement is detected, the optic powers up with no delay at all. The optical quality of the product is on a high level and the image is no longer distorted at the edges. We prefer HS530G’s battery placement to that of HS530C – it is easier to replace the battery.

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  • Is it 1x magnification like an aimpoint or 1.1 x like a trijicon mro, i cant stand the 1.1 x magnification, i have two holosuns the HS503GU and love it. I hope this is the same w its 1x magnification

  • Will Holliston make it 3 times flip side magnifier for ar platform hey can you use a currently 3 x magnifier on the hs510c open reflex sight haven’t seen no you tube videos

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