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Docter to Noblex


The change of the name Docter to Noblex was one of the most prominent news at the IWA 2018. Last year, in 2017, Noblex bought Docter which has a rich, 100-year history of producing optical devices (previously Carl Zeiss Jena).

Noblex Catalog Cover 2018

Noblex Catalog Cover 2018

The history of Docter company

The Docter company is relatively new on the market (since 1991), but only as a brand, since this company was previously called Carl Zeiss Jena which by the late 1980s was the largest manufacturer of binoculars in the world. The company's beginnings date back to the end of the 19th century, and thus the roots of the company are more than 100 years old. The biggest changes in the company took place after the end of World War II in 1945 and after the reunification of both parts of Germany in 1991. From 1945 on, the company experienced exceptional growth and soon became the world's largest manufacturer of binoculars, which, according to the London Agreement, had to use the abbreviation Jena in its name (Carl Zeiss Jena). After the merger of Germany in 1991, a very stressful period began for Carl Zeiss Jena, which also led to the first change, namely the cessation of the use of the name Carl Zeiss. The company was then taken over by Bernhard Docter. Soon after that, bankruptcy happened. Later on, it was taken over by the Analytic Jena company. Fortunately, thanks to the acquisition by Analytic Jena, Docter has been growing and expanding since 1997. According to their price, Docter products do not belong to the premium brands group but because of their quality, they are very close to them and offer perhaps the most for their price among all German optical products.

Docter becomes NOBLEX (from Noblex Catalog 2018)

Docter becomes NOBLEX (from Noblex Catalog 2018)

A change in the name from Docter to Noblex in 2018 also resulted in a change of administration; the whole appearance is new and fresh. The majority of Docter products will continue to be made under the name Noblex; the logo remains the same- an owl. They have, however, already presented a whole new series of Noblex N5 riflescopes. Noblex is striving to become the most affordable German manufacturer of sports optics, but above all, they want to maintain the same quality as before. We believe that this transition from one name to another will turn out to be positive (with time), and we are sure that the relaunch will be successful.

Noblex Innovations 2018 (from Noblex Catalog 2018)

Noblex Innovations 2018 (from Noblex Catalog 2018)

List of changed names of product series:

Docter V6 → Noblex N6

Docter Basic → Noblex N4

Docter Sight → Noblex Sight

Docter ED → Noblex HD



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    Please send me two screws for my Docter II that attach it to the base plate . I really enjoy your optics .Send to Robert Wyllie, 10143 E. Rising Sun Pl. ,Gold Canyon, Az. 85118. Thank you very much.

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