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DI Optical Raven 2


DI Optical is a Korean company which also has business units in the USA. They are known for manufacturing robust red dot sights – Raven 2 (RV2) is no exception. The user can shoot with both eyes open which increases situational awareness – this is great for chaotic situations where a great deal of awareness is needed. Together with the integrated mount the device is just right for AR platforms – it tends to be a little too high for other platforms.

DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2)
DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2)

Physical properties

30 mm objective lens that RV2 is equipped with provides a great field of view and clear vision even in low light conditions. It is extremely robust and durable – one of its most outstanding features is the capability of withstanding extreme temperatures such as 70°C or -30°C – not many other red dot sight manufacturers know how to make such a device. RV2‘s lenses are protected with flip-up caps which can be easily removed – these flip-caps can also be set in three different positions, which is great. Its tube-shape might convince those who stand behind a traditional riflescope-like look. The elevation and windage turrets are covered with caps – these caps are secured with a wire to prevent unwanted loss. It would be a little bit better if the wire connected the turrets to the housing instead of holding both turrets together since they can still get lost this way. We are also not fond of the windage turret’s location – the battery compartment is in the way when cap unscrewing takes place.

DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2)
DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2)

Optical properties

The user controls illumination with three buttons, placed on the left side of the device. Pressing buttons DN (down) or UP powers up the device. Once powered on, the user can choose from 7 day-time brightness intensity levels. Pressing the „NV“ button will switch the device to night vision mode, providing the user with additional 7 brightness intensity levels for use with night vision devices. Altogether, RV2 offers 14 brightness intensity levels, which is superb. The buttons for controlling the illumination intensity are delicate and convenient to use; however, a rotary switch would present a more durable solution. The illumination system is turned off by pressing buttons DN (down) and UP at the same time. Should you forget to turn off the illumination system by mistake, Raven 2 powers off by itself in approximately 10 hours if no movement is detected. The device features a 1.5 MOA dot on 1x magnification. This is probably the cheapest red dot sight on the market with such a small dot. The image is clear and sharp.

DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2)
DI Optical Raven 2 (RV2)


For a price of under 400 €, RV2 provides the user with enough robustness and a great illumination intensity span. Its buttons might not be the best long-term solution but optically, the device is more than decent for the price. This device can also be purchased from other manufacturers as an OEM product.

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