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Blaser RD 17 red dot sight


Infinity riflescopes series was not the only Blaser’s hit at this year’s IWA. Sure, the spotlight was on the stylish, optically topmost riflescopes, but Blaser came up with something equally interesting – a red dot sight.


The design of the dot is similar to that of the Aimpoint Micro devices, except that RD 17 is constructed so that it fits perfectly on a R8 Professional Success rifle. You either like it or you don’t – it depends on the taste. It also has a somewhat smaller window but that is not necessarily a big disadvantage. The housing is robust, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough treatment. The user can choose from 10 illumination intensity settings, which is enough for all lighting conditions. The intensity is regulated with the help of buttons located on the top of the device. The dot size is very fine – 2 MOA in size. There is no blue or yellow tint that would impair the optical experience. The battery is said to last up to 50.000 hours. Since the magnification is a true 1x, the user can look through with both eyes open without problems. For the protection of lenses, rotatable and removable flip-up covers are provided. The red dot sight is not manufactured in Germany but in the USA. We could say that it is a relative of Sig Sauer red dot sights (Both Blaser and SIG Sauer are subsidiaries of the parent company L&O Holding).

Blaser RD 17
Blaser RD 17
Blaser RD 17
Blaser RD 17


Once RD 17 hits the market, there will be a rivalry between Blaser and Aimpoint for the red dot sight market. Blaser is a renowned company and will undoubtedly gather many followers – even when it comes to a completely new field for them such as red dot sights. Up to now, Aimpoint gave the buyers an option of choosing their Micro products with a Blaser mount. Because of the recent events, that might change. What will be the Aimpoint’s answer to Blaser’s expansion of product range? RD 17 will be available in Spring 2018; it is expected to retail for around 750 €.

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