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Aimpoint Hunter – Full Tube Red Dot Sight


Aimpoint Hunter stands as a highly atypical full tube red dot sight. This red dot looks very much like the conventional wide-angle riflescope on a first glance. These red dots feature a 1x fixed magnification as most of the other red dots on the market. A fact which is especially intriguing is that the Hunter model originates from the Aimpoint 9000. The main diversity between the pre-mentioned Aimpoint series are the physical and optical features. It is, however, important to note that Aimpoint Hunter stands as a superior product against the model 9000. Like with any classic red dot sights we can observe with both eyes open which brings us to the end effect of better and faster target acquisition.

Physical properties

As we already stated in the foreword of our article, Aimpoint Hunter looks very much like the classic wide angle riflescope. Currently, there are four Aimpoint models from the Hunter (H) family series which are H34L, H34S, H30L, and H30S. These models differ in terms of length and tube diameter. You can choose the Aimpoint Hunter either with 30 or 34 mm tube. Similarly stands for the length. Models with 30 and 34 mm tube are both available in the short (S) and long (L) versions. An objective of the device is 47 mm while the eyepiece is 34 mm. Aimpoint Hunter S measures 21 cm in length while the L version is approximately 24 cm.

Hunter red dot can be installed on the rifle in the same fashion as any riflescope. We require either two 30 or 34 mm mounting rings (depends on the model) to install the red dot sight on the rifle. These products are designed in a way that they have the adequate mounting surface of installing the mounting rings for either heavy or magnum calibers, which is highly useful. All Hunter red dot sights come with the polymer made lens covers. The device itself is made from the high-quality mate black aluminum which offers extra good durability. Aimpoint Hunter devices can boast with extreme temperature fluctuations from -30 to +50 ° C. These devices can withstand high calibers which stand as an especially encouraging fact without a question. For this particular reason, the usability of Aimpoint Hunter is considered extremely high. The product also comes with a multi-functional tool.

Optical properties

Size of the dot is 2 MOA. In the optical meaning, full tube red dot sights are unparalleled compared to the reflex red dot sights. If we elaborate, full tube sights have a substantially better-defined dot which is clearer, sharper and better defined especially at higher intensity levels. In our opinion, the next vital factor which speaks in favor of full tube sights is the quality of glass and coatings. Full tube sights feature almost zero chromatic aberration (blue tint) which is not the case with most reflex sights. On the other hand, full tube sights are considerably heavier and bulkier than the reflex sights. Aimpoint Hunter is designed with 12 brightness control settings. Setting 1 is used to turn the device off. Illumination is powered by a CR2032 (3V) battery which features approximately 50000 hours of lifespan at medium setting and a moderate amount of use. The device is designed with two digital buttons (+, -) which serve the purpose of switching illumination setting. Like with any conventional red dot sight or riflescope you can also manipulate elevation and windage turrets with the Hunter models. Mini-turrets are operated via turret caps which cover the turrets.


When debate develops on the Aimpoint Hunter the words are usually about reliability, all-rounded quality, and true European origin. Aimpoint red dot sights are known as one of the best and most reliable on the market of sports optics at this moment. Worlds most renowned and prestigious competitors and shooters use Aimpoint products. A company is highly well established in the field of red dots in terms of innovativeness and research of the new technologies. Aimpoint offers 10 years of warranty for the Hunter products.

Aimpoint Hunter - Full Tube Sight
Aimpoint Hunter – Full Tube Sight

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