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Where Are Zero Compromise Scopes Made?

Introduction of Zero Compromise Optics

Zero Compromise Optic (ZCO) is an Austrian-based sports optics manufacturer that offers premium-quality riflescopes for a number of shooting applications, including law enforcement, military, tactical sports shooting, and hunting. Unlike most sport optics brands, Zero Compromise does not design riflescopes to meet a specific budget. In actuality, it is a specialty brand that designs riflescopes to deliver uncompromised performance by incorporating technologically-advanced features.


Zero Compromise was founded in 2018, the brand is fairly new compared to most high-end sport optics manufacturers out there. From the beginning, Zero Compromise Optic has remained an international collaboration where experienced professionals in the field of sport optics work together to create unique concepts and designs. Zero Compromise scopes were first unveiled in the annual SHOT Show in January 2018 and shipping started in January 2019 in the US with the collaboration of Zero Compromise with CSTactical. The products were displayed at the annual IWA exhibition in March 2019 which was soon followed by the beginning of sales in Europe. Since then, Zero Compromise scopes have been tested and reviewed by industry experts and multiple magazines, including ON TARGET, Bulgarian Hunter, Caliber and Optics Trade.

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Source: sporting-rifle-com
Source: sporting-rifle-com

Production Facilities of Zero – Compromise Optics

Margarethen Am Moos, Lower Austria, Austria

Zero Compromise Optic GmbH is headquartered in Margarethen Am Moos near Vienna in the state of Lower Austria, where most of the company operations are carried out. The production facility is also located here, where the riflescopes are manufactured from scratch. The design and development departments as well as testing facilities for inspection and quality control are also located on the premises.

Zero Compromise was founded by a group of industry veterans who had been working in the field of sport optics all their lives (Kahles and Nightforce). The company is committed to designing and developing unprecedented riflescope technology that aims to surpass the expectations of customers. The performance-oriented philosophy of Zero Compromise Optic ensures that the precision and quality of scopes will never be downplayed in favour of production quantity.

By keeping the production under one roof, the company seeks to retain greater control over manufacturing operations. The main workshop is equipped with high-tech CNC and lathe equipment that convert high-quality raw materials into riflescopes. This ensures that the point of impact remains unaffected by extreme temperature variations. Similarly, all optical elements are made from top-quality glass to ensure high optical performance regardless of the lighting conditions.

The final assembly takes place in an atmosphere-controlled environment where riflescopes are hand-assembled by experienced workers. The quality control department in the factory houses world-class inspection equipment, where all riflescopes have to undergo strict inspection and real-world testing, including thermal contraction and expansion, vibration, and shock, prior to packaging.

Orofino, Idaho, United States

Zero Compromise has an office in Orofino in the state of Idaho, US, where a team of product design, testing, and development staff for the North American market are based. Some of the top minds behind the company, including a retired US military officer, are based in the US. The staff is tasked to conceptualize and design state-of-the-art features that are tailored for the United States and Canada, which is one of the largest marketplaces for tactical, hunting, and sports shooting scopes.

Where is zero Compromise optics made?

All Zero Compromise scopes are manufactured in Margarethen Am Moos, Austria.

ZCO 4-20×50 FFP

The Zero Compromise 4-20×50 FFP is an all-round riflescope that is designed to deliver outstanding optical performance and relentless precision in a range of shooting scenarios, which include tactical, hunting, and competitive sports shooting. The scope is equipped with a 5x optical zoom and a 4-20x magnification, which are well-suited for medium to long-range shooting.

To fulfill its promise of 92% light transmission, the scope features a large 50 mm objective that is made of Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass for ensuring optimum brightness in all lighting conditions. The scope sports a red-green reticle illumination system that can be set for use in low light conditions as well as daylight time. Additionally, the system offers an Automatic Illumination Management™ (AIM) feature that is designed to turn off the illumination when the scope is not in use.

Additional attributes of the scope are the first focal plane reticle, locking E&W turrets, a built-in throw lever, and a fast focus locking dioptre. Technical specifications are a field of view of 9.3-2.0 m/100 m, elevation/windage adjustment of 35/20 MIL, 0.1 MIL click, 90 mm eye relief, parallax correction from 25 m to infinity, 10.5-3.2 mm exit pupil, 36 mm main tube, and Nitrogen-purged waterproof/fog proof. Reticle options include MPCT 1 and MPCT 2.

Zero Compromise 4-20x50 FFP
Zero Compromise 4-20×50 FFP

ZCO 5-27×56 FFP

The Zero Compromise 5-27×56 FFP is a strictly long-range riflescope that is purpose-built to engage targets that are up to 1,000 meters away, particularly in long-range competitive shooting like the F-Class and precision rifle series competitions. Sporting a 56 mm objective made of Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass, the scope offers a brilliant field of view at 5X magnification that exceeds most riflescopes from premium brands.

Featuring full optical multi-coating, the scope offers up to 92% light transmission and exceptional colour fidelity at all magnifications. The 36 mm main tube offers up to 35 MIL of adjustments, which comes in handy when shooting extremely long-range targets. Some other aspects of the scope are the first focal plane reticle, lockable E&W turrets, and reticle illumination. The scope features dual-colour (red & green) reticle illumination that can be either adjusted for low-light conditions or daylight time. The illumination automatically switches off thanks to the patented Automatic Illumination Management™ (AIM) system, which saves the battery in case the user forgets to turn it off.

Core specifications of the scope are 5-27x magnification, field of view of 7.0-1.5 m/100 m, elevation/windage adjustment of 35/20 MIL, 0.1 MIL click, 90 mm eye relief, parallax correction from 25 m to infinity, 10.5-3.2 mm exit pupil, built-in throw lever, Fast Focus locking dioptre, and Nitrogen-filled waterproof/fog proof. Reticle options include MPCT 1, MPCT 2 and MPCT 3.

Zero Compromise 5-27x56 FFP
Zero Compromise 5-27×56 FFP


Zero Compromise Optic is one of the newest players in the world of premium riflescopes. As apparent from its name, the company seeks to develop riflescopes of exceptional built quality and optical performance without any compromise. The brand currently offers two riflescope variants that are designed for virtually all shooting scenarios, especially long-range tactical shooting. ZCO scopes are equipped with a long list of premium features, including but not limited to a wide field of view, ED lenses, illuminated reticle, and forgiving elevation & windage adjustments.

The main production facility of Zero Compromise is located in the town of Margarethen Am Moos, near Vienna, Austria, where all riflescopes are manufactured from scratch. The office in Orofino, Idaho is responsible for distributing scopes for the North American market. Instead of creating tactical scopes to meet a specified budget, the company aims to incorporate brilliant engineering and craftsmanship into its multipurpose scopes for an unbeatable experience in real-world situations.

If you consider optical performance and features to be important deciding factors for riflescopes and shopping outside of a budget does not scare you, the Zero Compromise Optic scopes are built-ready for anything made to last forever.

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