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Tier One mounts


Tier One is an English company which was established in the year 2008. They started small but quickly found the market gap, so the range of their products began to grow and is still growing today. Tier One now produces high-quality rifle scope mounts for various rifle systems; bipods, Picatinny rails and much more.

Why choose Tier One?

The mounts from Tier One are currently one of the best on the market, thanks to their innovative design, using the best materials, and listening to the users for improvements.

Tier One Mounts
Tier One Mount on a Blaser mounting base

Tier One produces hunting rifle mounts with a nice, slick design. They are not too bulky for a light-weight hunting rifle. On the other hand, they produce tactical mounts which withstand a lot of torture. Both hunting and tactical rings have all screws made of titanium for great durability and weight saving. A great feature of all rings from Tier One is the integrated bubble level, because of which the user can greatly improve accuracy at longer distances.

The hunting mounts are designed to fit 11-millimeter dovetail rails, 17-millimeter dovetail rails, a Picatinny rail, or they fit directly on the original Blaser R8 mounting base or the MAKuick mounting base. Users of Blaser R8 rifles have an option to get a 20 MOA inclination with Tier One rings for more elevation in the rifle scope, which is needed for long-range shooting. Furthermore, the 20 MOA rings fit perfectly onto the original Blaser R8 mounting base, so no additional base is required. Whatsoever, the 20 MOA rings are not recommended for MAKuick users because the distance between the screws is not the same as on the original Blaser base, which can lead to a slight bend of the rifle scope – this could cause damage to the interior.

Tier One Mounts
Tactical Tier One rings mounted on the original Blaser R8 mounting base, with 20 MOA inclination

The hunting rings differ from tactical rings in the number of screws. Namely, hunting rings have 4 screws per ring and tactical 6 screws per ring. The mounting to the base is stronger since tactical rings have 2 mounting screws per ring and hunting rings only 1 screw. The tactical rings have a different design; the surface is not rounded but goes from one end to the other with the same thickness. Because of that, the rings are even stronger and can withstand harsh conditions and a lot of torture.

Tier One produces monoblock mounts called Monomount which are made of one-piece 7075T6 high-grade aluminum. They are extremely lightweight and are available in two designs – short saddle and long saddle. Both are made for clamping on a Picatinny rail, and both have 4 titanium screws for a secure hold. The difference between the mounts is in the ring width and in the ring screws. The long saddle mount features 4 screws per ring and the short saddle 6 screws per ring.

Because the rings on the long saddle mount are shorter, you have more space between the rings. This means you can easily find the perfect eye relief, and with this mount, you can be sure that all modern rifle scopes will fit. The space between the rings with the short saddle mount is 66 millimeters and the distance between the long saddle mount is 80 millimeters. Both mounts are available in a 0 MOA and 20 MOA inclination.

tier_one distance
Tier One Monomounts distance – Short saddle on the top and long saddle at the bottom


For all tactical rings, Tier One offers additional upper ring parts with a short or an extended Picatinny rail for mounting additional accessories like a red dot sight. A side mounted Picatinny rail is also available.

Tier One mounts
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Tier One mounts
Tier One is an English company that produces high-quality rifle scope mounts for hunting and tactical rifles. They use only the best materials.
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