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The new Noblex N6 ED


Noblex GmbH, the manufacturer of high-quality optics for the hunting sector, has strengthened its brand appearance. The products of the Thuringian company have been renamed to Noblex; the name Docter will no longer be used. “We deliberately decided to change the name,” says CEO Roger Steiner. “By doing so, we harmonize our external impact and strengthen our brand. From now on, it is very clear: everything that comes from Noblex is also like that. “

The name is not the only thing that has been changed. At the International Arms Fair (IWA 2018) in Nuremberg, Noblex presented some novelties from the field of optics. Among other things, the new Noblex N6 ED riflescope series. This is a brand new product; it succeeded the Docter V6 which has been very popular.

We spoke a lot about Docter V6, and not a single word with a negative word has been used to describe it. We think that it was a fantastic riflescope.


The new Noblex N6 ED is shorter in length compared to the predecessor. It is made from the highest quality lenses which offer better light transmission and sharpness. In overall, it has much better optical features. ED stands for extra-dispersion glass; it prevents or lessens chromatic aberration.

The new model range distances even more from the competitor made by Zeiss (Zeiss Conquest V6). In general, it is more superior in terms of optics. It can be placed side by side with Swarovski Z6.

Noblex N6 ED
Noblex N6 ED

Regarding the price, the riflescopes will probably cost 150 € more than previous models from the Docter V6 series. As concerns the design, the whole housing has been changed. It is now more round, better looking, modern and has a button for the illumination which is simple to regulate.

The illumination that the models from this series feature, turn itself off after a certain time, which is very useful and improves the battery lifespan.

Model range

These are the current models in the N6 ED series:


Noblex N6 ED is an upgrade of the previously mentioned Docter V6 in every perspective (design and optical features). At the moment, this is Noblex’s flagship riflescope series. Noblex N6 ED offers high performance in every situation.

The biggest difference from the predecessor is that the new Noblex N6 ED offers better glass. Extra-Low Dispersion glass will add a higher level of contrast to the optical system and will provide a higher level of detail especially when viewing targets low in contrast.



  • I never used or seen a Noblex before. So thank you for giving me the break down of the brand and your preference on which scope you perfered. Is this brand compareable to any other brand? I would just like to know so I can have an idea of how they work. I was also wondering the price range they fall in? Thank you again, great article!

  • Hello, my cousin is very much interested in your new Noblex ‘Fusion devise. He has an on line store that sells many different vision devises and would like to make contact with someone from your company. If you could please send me an email with a contact person that my cousin can discuss this devise I would greatly appreciate it … thanks in advance.

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