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Swarovski EL O-Range


Swarovski continues to be one of the best optical device manufacturers in the world and is a synonym for exceptional quality and superb customer service; Swarovski Optik history dates back to the year 1935 when Wilhelm Swarovski (son of Daniel Swarovski who established the company with polished jewelry stones in 1895) developed production of the specialized glass and their own prisms for binoculars, and so their “story” began.

About EL O-Range

As every year at the IWA Outdoor so far, Swarovski has introduced us many novelties in 2018 as well. Definitely the most eye-catching and unique is their new EL O-Range, laser range finding binoculars. The most fascinating is its vibrant orange color and extraordinary design. “Orange is the new black” is a saying, which we have used countless times at this year’s Iwa. In the hunting industry, this particular color is becoming very popular and almost every manufacturer tries to use it or is already using it on its products. Hunting colors are becoming too everyday and plain, so designers are trying to make products as attractive and noticeable as possible with unusual colors. We are convinced that this color is a major factor in the fact that the products in hunting store will be noticed and the vast majority will want to take a closer look at them.

EL O-Range binoculars come in two different configurations, 8×42 and 10×42. Both are well-built and compact laser rangefinding binoculars with ergonomic, open bridge design. 8x magnification is suitable for all kinds of observations and is the perfect choice for birdwatchers and hunters. 42 mm objective lenses provide a wide field of view and bright images even in low light conditions. 10x magnification is more convenient for detailed nature observation, birdwatching and stalk hunting.

Swarovski EL O-Range @IWA2018
Swarovski EL O-Range @IWA2018

The binoculars have the same optical characteristics as the already existing green EL-Range, the only difference is their new, orange color. These laser range finding binoculars are the perfect choice for any hunter who shoots on longer distances. As far as the optical characteristics are concerned, binoculars are fully multi-coated and come with revolutionary Swaroaim function. The latter means, that the inclinometer that measures the equivalent horizontal distance to the object/target is included. The measuring range is from 30 to 1375 meters! The other function is Swarobright, technology with prisms coated in highly reflective coatings for incredibly true-to-life colors and reduced flare in low-light conditions.

Swarovski EL O-Range
Swarovski EL O-Range



  • Wow these do look great! I like the new orange color, it means it would be easier to recognize my binoculars when I am with a group. Do you think Swarovski is the best when it comes to binoculars? Or are there other brands that you would recommend that may have a lower price point? Do Swarovski make a night vision version?

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