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Steiner Ranger 6


The story of Ranger riflescopes with a 4x zoom factor is a story of success – these are incredibly popular and up to this day remain one of the best choices for hunters in the price range of around 1000 €. Almost a year ago, Steiner told us that they are working on the Ranger 6 series, which we were glad to hear. Steiner has been perfecting the Ranger 6 throughout the 2020 until they finally presented it a few weeks ago. It is important to note that Steiner is not going to discontinue the current Ranger models now that Ranger 6 has hit the shelves. The current models remain priced at around 1000 € (depends on the model), whereas the Ranger 6 models are around 500 € more expensive. What improvements does the new series bring?

Model Range

Only 2 models are available in the Ranger 6 series for now:

  • 1–6×24
  • 3–18×56

The wide-angle model (1–6×24) is designed for driven hunts for which it is useful to have a 1x magnification optic as you can look through with both eyes open. It provides 41 m of field of view at 100 m, which is outstanding. Its main competitors in this price range are Kahles Helia 1–6x24i and Zeiss Conquest V6 1.1–6x24i.

The 3–18×56 is designed for hunting in the dusk, but its wide magnification range makes it perfect for long-range hunting also.

We have been informed that Steiner is working on two other models, 2.5–15×50 and 5–30×56. The release date is yet unknown.

Steiner Ranger 6
Steiner Ranger 6

The differences from the classic Ranger series

  • Let us start with the most obvious difference, the zoom factor. The standard models have a 4x zoom factor whereas the Ranger 6 series features a 6x zoom factor.
  • For now, there are 5 models in the standard series while there are 2 in the new one.
  • Ranger 6 riflescopes have a better light transmission rate of 92 % compared to the 90 % of the classic Ranger riflescopes.
  • The new series uses the improved ED glass, making for an even clearer and sharper image.
  • There is a difference in price, of course. Ranger 6 models are about 500 € more expensive if we compare the prices of models for similar purposes of both series.
  • Some modifications have been made to the turrets. The ones on the new models produce crisper, louder clicks. Steiner implemented the Zero Stop technology to the new series which they call Zeromode.
  • The housing of the Ranger 6 is somewhat glossier than that of the standard models. The difference can be seen in the picture below.

Other noteworthy features

The Ranger 6 models are incredibly compact and light – Steiner managed to increase the zoom factor and retain the short length of the chassis at the same time. Thanks to their short design, they can be easily paired with NV and thermal attachments. Just like the standard models, they feature a central illuminated red dot that can be adjusted to all lighting conditions (11 levels). There is an off switch between each level. The reticle is 4A-I, positioned in the second focal plane. The turrets are capped and low-profile. One click moves the point of impact for 1 cm at 100 m (0.1 MIL clicks). The body is made of a single piece of aluminium. Both riflescopes are covered by a 10-year warranty.

Steiner Ranger 6 3-18x56
Steiner Ranger 6 3-18×56


Ranger riflescopes with an increased zoom factor are a welcome step forward. Not many 6x zoom factor hunting riflescopes at this price range are as compact, light, and optically efficient. For this reason, we reckon that they are going to be just as popular as the standard models. The 1–6×24 retails for 1499 EUR, while the 3–18×56 costs 1649 €.

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Steiner Ranger 6
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Steiner Ranger 6
Ranger 6 riflescope with an increased zoom factor are a welcome step forward. Not many 6x zoom factor riflescopes at this price range are as compact, light, and optically efficient.
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    A question about the Steiner Ranger 6 model (3-18×56). This new scope was developed during 2020 and presented around oct. 2020. What is the reason why Steiner has not produced and distributed this new model to their local retailer ? It seems to me, that Steiner has developed the model 6, but not produced and distributed this new model. Is there a problem with the model 6 ? Is it only because of Covid 19 ??

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