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Steiner LRF 1700

About the product

Steiner LRF 1700 series is very similar to its predecessor but can measure distance up to 1700 m. The image quality is unaffected by the laser because it is separated from the optical part. The distance is measured smoothly but the device is not sophisticated enough to display ballistic parameters. One of its most notable features is the Sports-Auto-Focus System which allows the user to focus each eyepiece to his or her vision. This is particularly great for when it is dusky outside. Steiner LRF 1700 is waterproof, durable and extremely robust. The Scanning function, activated by holding the measuring button down, allows the laser to continuously measure the distance while the user moves the binoculars around. It would be great if Steiner introduced this technology in a model with 50 mm lens since 30 mm lens is too small for use in twilight.

Steiner LRF 1700
Steiner LRF 1700



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