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Schmidt & Bender’s New Packaging

Schmidt & Bender has recently introduced new packaging for their riflescopes, a serious upgrade from the previous one. The new packaging befits the status of the Schmidt & Bender company, taking the unpacking experience to a whole new level.

Schmidt & Bender's new Packaging (Outer layer)
Schmidt & Bender’s new Packaging (Outer layer)

To ensure that the riflescope arrives safely at the buyer’s door, they have made it more robust, reinforcing the interior. Attention is paid to details – they used the filigree embossing technique on the packaging’s surface.

Schmidt & Bender's new Packaging
Schmidt & Bender’s new Packaging

Schmidt & Bender provides more accessories with the new packaging than with the old one. The buyer gets an Allen key, stickers, a quick reference guide, a microfiber cloth, and a warranty card.The particularly interesting accessory is the MY RIFLESCOPE card which includes the riflescope’s serial number and other relevant riflescope data.

A look inside
A look inside

The packaging is made of paper and thus 100% recyclable, showing that Schmidt & Bender cares for preserving nature. The motifs on the packaging depend on whether the riflescope is designed for hunting, sports, or defence. The riflescope is fixed in place with off-gassing free foam.

The new accessories
The new accessories

The new packaging will be available from November 2022 onwards.

Schmidt & Bender's New Packaging
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Schmidt & Bender's New Packaging
The new packaging befits the status of the Schmidt & Bender company, taking the unpacking experience to a whole new level.
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  • I purchased a scope and it’s held up in customs, emails to Optics team are unanswered, nor did anyone during regular business hours answer the phone. Please contact me with resolution of issues

    • Dear Norman, apologies for not responding to your calls and e-mails, we had a national holiday yesterday, so we were out of the office. The sales team had to return plenty of calls today. I informed the sales team about your issue and they said that they are going to contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  • Thank you, I appreciate your actions, and yes My email issue has been replied to. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

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