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Hello. Welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. We receive many messages from our customers about specific brands, wanting to know more about the manufacturer behind the desired product. So today’s video will introduce you to Holosun, a Chinese optics company that specializes in red dot sights.


Holosun is a fairly new company, established in 2013. In a short span of a few years, they became popular thanks to their red dot sights products. They already released many series and continue to update them.


The company has a fresh business plan that enables them to constantly update their products and respond to what the customers actually demand. Holosun stands out from other Chinese brands thanks to the higher product quality and clean design. Despite their success, Holosun remains focused solely on red dots, minutely expanding their market niche to laser products and nothing else.


Nowadays, there are many optics brands that offer their products at incredibly affordable prices. As a general rule, the customer will get exactly what they paid for and the poor quality of these cheap products explains the price tag. Not with Holosun though. The company manages a fine compromise between the price and the product performance. The quality of their red dot products is acceptable despite the affordable price range. Of course, Holosun products are not cheap by any means. But they are definitely more cost-effective in comparison to their Japanese and European competitors.


In Holosun’s current production, there are 4 series of red dots. The first example in the video Holosun Tube HS406C belongs to the Tube series, the only two other models from this line being the Tube HS406A and Tube HS506A. All models from this series are mounted with a 30-millimetre ring that comes included with the scope. Unlike the Infiniti series, the Tube examples allow for experimentation with mounting, using other platforms.


The next one is the Infiniti series. The red dots from this series have an integrated Picatinny mount on the bottom. Although their outside appearance resembles the design of the Tube series, the  Infiniti red dots are much bulkier. They are meant to be mounted on AR platforms because of the standard line of sight.


The third series is called Paralow. Their design is very reminiscent of the famous Swedish red dot sight manufacturing company Micro models. The latter set the benchmark and Holosun is one of the few companies that was able to follow the example and offer more than decent quality in exchange for an affordable price.


Moving on to the Reflex series. This series offers reflex type sights, some of the smallest and most compact models in their production. Many are small enough to be mounted on pistols. However, Holosun also offers bigger models like the Holosun HS510C that are up to 4 times the size of their smallest Reflex products and are usually mounted on rifles.


Finally, there is the Elite series. It’s a separate line of products, entirely. The Paralow and the Reflex come in either standard or the Elite version, whereas the Tube and Infiniti models are only available in the standard version. The Elite models have been introduced quite recently and these models have either one or both functions unique to this Holosun red dots category. The illuminated dot is green and not red, which is of most importance for colour blind users. The Elite models are fully or at least partially made of titanium. As long as the product fits one of these requirements, it is already labeled as the Elite model version.


Much can be said about the technology of Holosun products. The company features a large range of different products. Here, it is important to be aware of Holosun’s most used acronyms A, B, C, G and what they stand for. They denote the location of the battery compartment on the product.


The A models have their battery compartment placed underneath the mount, which has to be moved before removing the battery. The B models make use of the battery tray. The C models have their battery compartment in the same place as B models but they feature a solar panel on top of it. That has been proved as quite an efficient technology. Holosun products have a long battery life of 50,000 hours – almost as long as the Aimpoint ones. The solar panels on Holosun C models are also used for data storage. Let’s not forget about the G models, their battery compartment is in the form of a round-shaped cover on the sides of the model.  


Holosun was one of the first companies to introduce red dot sights with the housing made of titanium. Since titanium is more robust and lightweight, this is a nice little innovation. The same can be said for the use of green instead of red illuminated dots.


There is also the shake-awake function. The red dot sight automatically shuts down after a prolonged period of zero movements to save energy, which only adds to the already amazing battery life. Now, it only takes a small movement for the device to come to life again and both switches happen in under a second. That’s so, so practical!


Now, what kind of dots are available in the Holosun’s range of products? First, there are the classic dots with just the dot as the reticle and these are available in the 2 MOA version. They provide around 6 centimetres of coverage on 100 metres. Then we have the circular red dot versions with the red dot in the middle and a circle around it. Some of the models will also allow the user to switch between the 2 options of the normal and the circular dot shape (these products are commonly known as multi-dot models). All of these are also available in green and red.


Holosun cooperates with Primary Arms in the US. The ACSS reticle featured on the Holosun Micro HS503GU FDE model, for example, is a very popular one. This is basically a red dot with a holdover. Incorporating such technology into the category of red dots show that Holosun is not shy of making a step forward and taking advantage of new possibilities.


To sum up, Holosun is a really innovative company that specializes in red dots and lasers. Their main, unique selling point is the decent product quality for an affordable price. Holosun offers a wide range of products with up-to-date technology in a sleek design.


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