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Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR


Docter is a well-known brand among red dot sight enthusiasts. Quicksight is a small, compact red dot sight, designed to be used on shotguns with ventilated rail up to 10 mm of width. It operates on a single CR2032 battery which is installed on top of the sight, behind the glass body.

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR

Physical properties

Quicksight has a unique, flat design. It has a narrow window which is adapted to shotgun use – the device sits very low on a shotgun, just above the rail. This allows the user to have a great field of vision which makes it easier to quickly acquire targets. It is made from steel but weighs only 47 grams because of its small size. This is an enclosed red dot sight, which adds to its durability, makes it waterproof and fogproof – the user does not have to worry about internal fogging when it is cold. It is additionaly enhanced on the sides. Quicksight is ready for use immediately after mounting – there is no need for any shooting adjustment.

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR

Optical properties

Quicksight's LED is – interestingly – positioned underneath the lens. There is no ON/OFF switch on the device. The sight is fully operational once battery is inserted – to reduce power consumption to minimum, you can either attach the provided protective cap to the device or place the shotgun somewhere where it is dark. The sight is parallax free and operates on no magnification.There is no blue or yellow tint – view through the window is very natural. The device features a 5 MOA dot.

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR next to Aimpoint Micro S-1

Docter Quicksight 5.0 VR next to Aimpoint Micro S-1


Apparently, it is a contemporary trend to equip a shotgun with a red dot sight. Quicksight is definitely among the most compact red dot sights for shotguns (it is, for example, much smaller and lighter than Aimpoint S-1). If you are looking for a flat red dot that doesn't protrude from the rib and thus have impact on the shotgun's appearance, quicksight is the right choice.

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  • Robert S. says:

    Why is it tagged only for shotgun use?

    • Hi Robert. We classify this red dot as 'suitable for shotguns' because it is supplied with a mount for the shotgun rib (other Docter/Noblex red dot sights such as II +, C or III do not come with it). Nevertheless, the Quicksight can be mounted on other platforms as well because the mount for the rib can be dismounted (underneath, there is a Docter/Noblex universal mounting platform).

  • Stig says:

    How long do a battery last with norma use?

  • Ciprian Valeanu says:

    Does not work for Fabarm xlr. Offset between the dot indicated by the red dot and the hit point. It cannot be adjusted

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