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Clockwise (CW) vs. Counterclockwise (CCW) | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to debate the use of the terms clockwise(CW) and counterclockwise(CCW).

You can find these terms on our specification/data sheets associated with rifle scopes. They indicate in which direction the elevation turret turns so that the bullet impact is shifted upwards. If you look at European companies, they have CW rotation turrets. That means when you turn them clockwise, the point of impact goes up on the target.

On the other hand, the Japanese, American, and all other non-European scopes are turned counterclockwise to get the point of impact up, The basic division between scopes is that Europeans usually use clockwise turrets while other scopes use counterclockwise turrets.

However, there are manufacturers like Schmidt&Bender, Kahles and similar which offer the possibility to choose the rotation direction you want to have on the turret. As an example: two identical Schimdt&Bender ultra bright scopes 4-16×56 are available with CW or CCW turrets.

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