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Burris Eliminator 6 4–20×52

An upgrade in Burris’ Eliminator series

At Shot Show 2024 in Las Vegas, we visited the Burris booth to explore their lineup for the year. Burris showcased a significant range of products, and in this piece, we’ll focus on the 6th generation of the Eliminator series, known for its sophistication and advanced technological features in the field of riflescopes.

Additionally, our blog features posts on other Burris innovations introduced at Shot Show 2024, including the Burris Fastfire C and the Veracity PH Gen II.

How does the Burris Eliminator work?

To operate the Eliminator 6 4–20×52, the Burris Connect app must be installed on your smartphone. Within the app, you are required to enter specific details related to your rifle and its ballistics, such as height above bore, zero distance, and ammunition characteristics. The app then processes these inputs to compute the necessary parameters, which are transferred to the Eliminator through Bluetooth. With the scope now loaded with this information, simply aim the reticle’s center at your target and activate the laser rangefinder. The heads-up display will show the distance to the target, along with an illuminated holdover dot calculated for that distance, which serves as your new primary aiming point (at that particular distance). The user can range up to 1800 m on reflective targets.
Burris Eliminator 6 4-20×52

How does the Burris Eliminator 6 differ from the Eliminator 5?

When discussing the Eliminator 5 at Shot Show 2024, Sky Leighton from Burris made an insightful comment: “The customers love what it does, love how it works, it just doesn’t look right on a lot of different types of guns.”

The design enhancements of the riflescope are immediately apparent, transforming it to resemble a traditional riflescope with a 34mm tube. This change not only expands the range of mounting options but also ensures it visually complements any hunting rifle. Furthermore, the users have greater flexibility in setting the eye relief for optimal use.
Burris Eliminator 6 4-20×52

Additionally, the Eliminator 6 features integrated atmospheric sensors, including a thermometer and barometer, and automatically calculates density altitude. This atmospheric data is factored in before the riflescope displays the holdover dot.

While the Eliminator 5 featured a 5–20×50 configuration, the Eliminator 6 offers a slightly larger zoom factor and a marginally wider lens, with a configuration of 4–20×52.

Burris Eliminator 6 4-20x52
Burris Eliminator 6 4-20×52

Readily available

The introduction of the upgrade is accompanied by a price rise. The Eliminator 6 4–20×52 retails for $2500 in the US market, where it is already available, and it is expected to become available in the European market soon. Despite the increase, the Eliminator continues to be the most cost-effective riflescope with such features.

Burris Eliminator 6 4–20x52
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Burris Eliminator 6 4–20x52
The design enhancements of the riflescope are immediately apparent, transforming it to resemble a traditional riflescope with a 34mm tube.
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